Ruh-Roh. The Indisputable Ruination of Earth by Man has STOPPED, as if by magic!

For the past decade the world has not warmed. Global warming has stopped. It’s not a viewpoint or a sceptic’s inaccuracy. It’s an observational fact. Clearly the world of the past 30 years is warmer than the previous decades and there is abundant evidence (in the northern hemisphere at least) that the world is responding to those elevated temperatures. But the evidence shows that global warming as such has ceased.

Out must come (again) the anthropogenic sulfate aerosols, to save the day. How did they know?

The inevitable, the inexorable, the undeniable, the unstoppable – stopped.  And nobody predicted it would stop (nobody without a brain predicted it would stop). 

David Whitehouse New Statesman 19 December 2007


2 Responses

  1. Another observable fact is that the change in temperature in the troposphere is no way close to what it should have been in order to see the measured changes in earth surface temperature. Greenhouse theory requires that the troposphere temperature change for a given loading of CO2 be two to three times that observed on earth; and this has not been the case. In fact the changes are negligible. So not only has global warming ceased, the proof for antropogenic warming has been shown to be non existent.

  2. Thanks, Ed. Excellent point, and I could not agree with you more. But basically all the scientific facts and data fly in the face of Al Gore’s ignorance and superstition, it appears.

    Have you seen “The Great Global Warming Swindle” yet? Sounds like you have! But if not, I strongly recommend it to everyone.

    I heard that snow is forecast for Daytona Beach . . .

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