Just In Time: Strangle the Economy!

As Earth cools at an unprecedented rate, our government is running backwards; stoked by Al Gore and media to tax energy consumption, to battle nonexistent “Global Warming!”

Perfect timing!

How about a little research to find out why Earth is cooling (Svensmark et al The Chilling Stars?). The Chilling Stars

Debate has been halted; there is only the harsh reality of global cooling, an ominously quiet Sun, and a pack of fools buying carbon credits.

In fact, even the most promising research on climate mechanisms other than “global warming” computer games has been cut off!

How will carbon credits help crop yields, in a shortened growing season?

Al Gore’s research on computer programs that forecast the exact opposite of the future, has positioned us well – for a tragedy of global proportion.

Has Al Gore set us up, for the next mega-famine; another Dark Ages on Earth? The Little Ice Age was such a disaster, 500 years ago – but Al Gore has erased all memory of it, with his manufactured hockey-stick curves portraying “global warming” that never came – so he could sell carbon credits.

While carbon dioxide is now proven, in spades, to have little potential to contribute to runaway greenhouse effect; or even measureable greenhouse effect; reducing carbon dioxide release will not make the Earth warmer.

Good luck to humankind; may we somehow escape the chilling fate Al Gore has arranged for us.

More likely, just as fast as Global Warming was debunked, will be Global Cooling (again). Government is a tool of the ignorant.

The Political Climate

House Preparing for Climate Bill This Year Despite Gloomy Economic Forecasts
By Cathy Cash, Electric Utility WeekWith a bipartisan measure awaiting a Senate vote and a House committee vowing to advance its own version, climate change legislation is expected to be a star attraction in this session of the 110th Congress. But dim economic forecasts in addition to stubborn White House opposition have industry insiders looking to future Congresses to get a federal mandate for capping greenhouse gas emissions. “We all have ideas, but depending on how economy goes, the level of interest in tackling something like climate ? These activities raise the cost of energy,” said one Midwest utility lobbyist. “In an economy not doing well, there may be little appetite to take on [climate change] in any serious way. The state of the economy will dictate what the energy and environment agenda looks like in 2008.”Lawmakers might just look back on their 2007 accomplishments toward greenhouse gas reductions, tighter corporate average fuel efficiency standards, biofuel requirements and energy efficiency programs and leave it at that. “With the economy softening and with the transportation sector having already been addressed last year, along with appliance efficiency standards, I don’t think there is much pent-up Congressional demand to sharply increase energy prices through an economy-wide cap-and-trade bill, which is what would be necessary in order to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in these sectors further,” the industry source said.Industry analysts say the potential costs of a GHG cap on various industries will be wide-ranging and lawmakers are only beginning to consider the financial impacts. “The economics are going to be a huge part of it,” said Richard Cortright, managing director at Standard & Poor’s Ratings, which like Platts is a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies. Forecasts for a possible recession this year could deter lawmakers from passing any legislation argued to increase energy costs. “The timing may be really bad,” said Cortright, noting that at the moment, it “seems that the stars are lined up in a way to really prevent passage of any meaningful legislation when it comes to energy.”<!– –>


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