Wheat Stores at 60 Year Low! Wheat hits $20 per Bushel!

Climate change has eliminated our food supply!

Winter Wheat Prices Skyrocket . . . (this blog)

This is what you are likely to hear in the next few days.  Unfortunately, many humans are liars and ignorami.

Chief among these liars and ignorami are Collectivists.  And perhaps the only liars and ignorami are Collectivists.

In 1801, William Herschel documented the relationship between the solar cycle, and wheat prices.

Collectivists presume you do not remember.

It is the Sun, NOT MAN, that dominates climate on Earth.

Collectivists murdered 200 million humans in the last century.  Lying is no barrier for them.  They are determined to collectivize all humankind; and no cost is too dear.

If they need to destroy all humankind in the process, they have demonstrated a great propensity to do so.

What is needed is research in astrophysics and climatology (not directed by hyenas this time)  Baliunas, Svensmark; and many more great scientists like these.  The environmental industry, NASA, and most certainly the United Nations, need not apply.


2 Responses

  1. Amazing Article , I considered it wonderful

    I look forward to more similar postings like this one. Does your website have a subscription I can subscribe to for fresh posts?

    • Hi, Selaeroreicak,

      I have to admit it is not my favorite post. Glad you like it though. Perhaps I should’ve spell checked a little better. The mean idea stands. We see today that among the proponents of “anthropogenic climate change” are powerful prevaricators operating with a sinister conspiracy. All science is ashamed of these miscreants.

      Earth may well get very cold in the near future. Hope everyone is prepared, but I doubt it.

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