Al Gore: Give the Nobel Prize Back!

An open appeal to Al Gore, who has bamboozeled humanity to fear warmth, so he could sell carbon credits:

Al Gore, a warm Earth is a rich and prosperous Earth, for humans and the species.

Al Gore, the Earth is not warming.  Anthropogenic carbon dioxide has had no observable impact; except to increase crop yields.

Al Gore, a cold Earth is a deadly Earth, to humans and to all species.  History is replete with evidence; as is paleoclimatology (which is a science, Al).

Al Gore, legitimate scientists should be concerned about global cooling today.  You have obstructed funding of all research related to climate, except fraudulent “research” which helped you sell carbon credits.

Al Gore, you have willfully prevented research in increasing food production during inevitable cold periods facing humankind.

Al Gore, you have obstructed and prevented the honest measurement of temperature in every city, town, and hamlet on Earth.

Al Gore, you have lied to all humanity.

Al Gore, as humans and countless, innocent, polar bears freeze to death today; as crops fail; as food supplies dwindle; you flip/flop and now maintain that carbon dioxide is a global coolant suddenly, by magic transposed from a greenhouse gas. 

Al Gore, admit it:  you KNEW all along that carbon dioxide measurements FOLLOWED global temperature, in every polar ice core ever studied (or; you could be as dumb as you look . . . scary)

Al Gore, desist from your bizarre attempts to invert your profoundly stupid hockey stick curve; for the sake of your pocket-book, as you wreak death and devastation upon all humankind.

Al Gore, you are obviously a criminal organization.


You have embarrassed the entire human race; and probably embarrassed the entire universe.


We are many

We have awoken

And we do not forget 

we are Chillnonymous

(but we are also very cold, very angry, and very serious)


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  1. Yes. I live in Minnesota. We are cold and angry.

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