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Evidence of Global Cooling

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:Cold ReceptionTuesday we told you about several areas around the planet experiencing record cold and snowpack — in the face of all the predictions of global warming.

Now there is word that all four major global temperature tracking outlets have released data showing that temperatures have dropped significantly over the last year. California meteorologist Anthony Watts says the amount of cooling ranges from 65-hundredths of a degree Centigrade to 75-hundreds of a degree.

That is said to be a value large enough to erase nearly all the global warming recorded over the past 100 years. It is reportedly the single fastest temperature change ever recorded — up or down.

Some scientists contend the cooling is the result of reduced solar activity — which they say is a larger driver of climate change than man-made greenhouse gases.


9 Responses

  1. There is no historical data that supports the premise that human activity has any significant effect on climate. The observation of glaciers melting may look dramatic on TV but does not show that human activity is the cause. There is, however, substantial evidence that atmospheric carbon dioxide level does not significantly influence climate. You can check it out yourself. Credible websites are included in my post at

  2. Sorry, that was the wrong website. The correct one is

  3. Anthony Watts has attempted to correct the conclusion of the report attributed to him. Watts has posted on his website the following:

    “I wish to state for the record, that this statement is not mine: ‘..a value large enough to erase nearly all the global warming recorded over the past 100 years.’ “There has been no ‘erasure’. This is an anomaly with a large magnitude, and it coincides with other anecdotal weather evidence. It is curious, it is unusual, it is large, it is unexpected, but it does not ‘erase’ anything. I suggested a correction to Daily Tech and they have graciously complied.”

    Daily Tech’s “correction” states: “Anthony Watts, who kindly provided the graphics, otherwise has no connection with the column. The views and comments are those of the author only.”

    Strangely, none of the outlets that picked up the Daily Tech story has seen fit to make the correction. So, the erroneous conclusion that is attributed to Watts continues to spread like wildfire.

  4. Paula, agree exactly with your comments, and well said. Note however Hume states “That is said . .” which to me does not attribute Anthony Watts. However, in exactly what sense is the conclusion erroneous? If we are comparing reality to the prognistications of the Church of Global Warming (CoGW), I think the wildfire is on target.

  5. Sigh, global cooling is part of the proof that the ozone is eroding. Here, it’s everything you need to know about global cooling

  6. Cami, thanks for the enjoyable link. During the Maunder Minimum and the Dalton Minimum, when many humans went malnourished, suffered disease, and many also did starve, as a result of a Little Ice Age (missing from Al Gore’s liturgy) what depleted the ozone?

    A. Freon from air conditioners
    B. Anthropogenic sulfate aerosols
    C. Jet contrails
    D. Carbon dioxide from Christian candles
    E. If other please advise

  7. Chillguy 33: What’s erroneous is that one year of cooler temperatures does not “erase nearly all the global warming recorded over the past 100 years.” That fact is clearly stated by Watts whose charts were referenced by Daily Tech and Brit Hume. Simple math tells us that 100 years of increasing temperatures that result in a warming trend cannot be totally “erased” by one year during which slightly cooler temperatures are recorded. That simple mathematical fact was what led me to track down Anthony Watts to see what he actually said. Even if 2007 were cooler than 1907, that doesn’t “erase” the trend, nor can it significanty change the average global temperature over the 100 year period of time temperatures have risen.

    Although Hume didn’t specifically attribute the conclusion to Watts, every website and blog that has referenced his charts attributes the statement to him, not to Michael Asher of Daily Tech. Everyone I’ve spoken with who saw Hume’s broadcast drew the same conclusion: “The scientist said it erased 100 years of global warming, so global warming is now replaced by global cooling. Al Gore was wrong.”

    Is the debate about the cause of global warming or the fact of global warming? From what I read, no scientist disputes that the global climate is warming. What’s disputed is whether human activity is a causative factor or whether it is just a natural cycle. The ice sheets in Greenland and the Antarctic are shrinking and melting so rapidly that huge chunks are separating from both these land masses. There was a news report a couple of days ago about this very occurrance. What is the explanation for this documented snow and ice melting if not global warming.

  8. Paula, the Antarctic ice sheets have been growing, massively. But I expect they now will decline, as the Northern hemisphere cools.

    History is repeated.

  9. Temps are either going up or going down…comments attributed to “scientists” will likele as not relate to when they last saw the figures (providing they are “honest”.)

    The BBC have done a series on the oceans and no doubt the dire warnings of the end of the Arctic will ring true on what they tell you and what the show you.(But currents and wind may be a major cause as well).
    However the programme was clearly made in 2007…and we are now at the back end of 2008.
    The ice is 30% up on this time last year and last year was up on the time when the series was being made.
    If you rang into the BBC and ambushed them with the current situation what could they say?
    It woint happen because you wont get through.

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