Gore Minimum Continues to Affect Temperatures Globally

a>From    Anthony Watts:

It appears the La Niña in the Pacific and the solar minimum are continuing to affect temperatures globally, resulting in this cooler period for the last 13 months sin January 2007.

Feb 2008 UAH

Updated May 24, 2008 with April 2008 UAH, showing extension of nascent Gore Solar Minimum:

2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Not sure if this goes to your blog or elsewhere but let’s try.
    The blog site looks good…kind of busy with tons of info, some of it older but still valid. Yeah I wrote about some of this in the Harrowsmith almanac a year and a half ago. This year however I decided to leave a lot about climate change, etc to the scientists…not humble long range weather forecasters. Larry

  2. I prefer “Gore IQ Minimum” as the name of the next “Little Ice Age”.

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