Frigid Forecast

Our reaction to inconsequential warming during an interglacial phase is seriously misdirected.  Here the argument to increase carbon dioxide emissions is set forth, and it is rather well done.  The current solar minimum is expected to continue until as late as July of next year (2009). The bottom line? A 2.2 degree C decline by 2030, shortening growing seasons by a month. Pay attention, environmentalists, and all.

Via  Dalton Minimum Returns

Solar Cycle 24: Implications for the United States

When I asked at the beginning of this presentation if we lived in a special time, well that is true in relation to the last three million years. The special time we live in is called an interglacial. Normally, and that is 90% of the time, the spot I am standing on is covered by several thousand feet of ice. Relative to the last four interglacials, we may be somewhere near the end of the current interglacial. The end of the Holocene will be a brutal time for humanity.


Polar faculae are another sign of weaker magnetic fields on the Sun. Based on the relative number of polar faculae during this minimum relative to the last, and the intervening solar cycle peak of 120, I predict that the amplitude of Solar Cycle 24 will be 45. This is very similar to the amplitudes of Solar Cycles 5 and 6 during the Dalton Minimum.

the bad news (but not as bad as it could be):

The evidence from the Hanover solar cycle length to temperature relationship, and that of the other cities in this presentation, is incontrovertible. There will be a significant cooling very soon.

Our generation has known a warm, giving Sun, but the next generation will suffer a Sun that is less giving, and the Earth will be less fruitful.


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  1. The people at NASA predicted that the new cycle would pick up speed this month. So far, the sun’s readings are totally flat.

    I am betting this kind of news will not be picked up by the MSM for at least another year, if not 3-4 years. They want that socialist power grab known as agw to be in full swing before the vast majority realize that it IS a scam.

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