Al Gore, Capo of Carbon Racketeers: Banned in Britain

That’s right.  Gore is legally sanctioned.  In the UK, Al Gore can’t raise a farthing – or speak in public about his green investment company  – because it would amount to peddling a false prospectus (as well it should, everywhere).  Why, in the UK?

Mr. Justice Burton, of the High Court of Justice Administrative Court, Royal Courts of Justice, London, found on September 27, 2007, that Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth expounds nine utter falsehoods.    But, the nine falsehoods were only ruled on by the court as exemplary.  A full 20 falsehoods were cited by witness  Professor Robert Merlin Carter.     Al Gore’s fraud is explicitly sanctioned.  His cause has been banned, in Britain. 

Can Al Gore and his carbon mafia be getting a tad anxious?  With no warming evident in the last 10 years, in spite of continuous increase in carbon dioxide, being banned in Britain is only a good start.

British policy advisor says Gore is in ‘panic’ mode

. . .
Gore’s group The Alliance for Climate Protection is currently launching a new $300 million ad campaign that demands reforms in environmental law to help reduce the supposed “climate crisis.” But Monckton points out that in the U.K., Gore is not allowed to speak in public about his “green investment company” because to do so would violate racketeering laws by “peddling a false prospectus.” He says that fact came about after a British high court found Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, riddled with errors.


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