Whither Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide content in Earth’s atmosphere has increased monotonically and continuously since 1998.  Why then have not global temperatures increased, in the same time period?  As mysteriously as carbon dioxide has disappeared from the causes of climate change, it has also disappeared from this linked article.  You check; I cannot find “carbon dioxide” in it.

Global temperatures ‘to decrease’

…This would mean that temperatures have not risen globally since 1998 when El Nino warmed the world….

So; suddenly it was El Nino which warmed the world.  And carbon dioxide is nowhere to be found.  Since carbon dioxide evolution from the ocean, as it is warmed by the Sun, exceeds human production, there is really plenty of it.  Carbon dioxide just doesn’t have much to do with global warming, does it?

(Note:  the above referenced article is apparently receiving some emergency Rx!  NewsBusters BBC Changes Temperature Decrease Article To Incite Climate Hysteria, and Jennifer Marohasy Now You See It, Now You Don’t – bottom of article)





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