Al Gore’s New Invention

The GIANT Photovoltaic Cell!

SCHLOTZVILLE – A Night With Al Gore
. . .Gore mentioned a few statistics that drove home the notion that we actually have the capability to be oil free with existing technology. If, he said, we were to build on a 90 mile x 90 mile tract of land in the Southwest a field of solar panels, we would have enough electricity to power the entire United States. So, why don’t we build it? What is stopping us?

Well, he gave one possible answer – the oil companies. Apparently, according to Gore, the oil companies drive up prices reducing supply and then depress them in a telling pattern. As soon as the political will swells to a light boil, the companies reduce prices/increase supply. And we, really the pols that be, fall for it all the time and the political will it is vanquished.

He blamed this on the culture of short-sightedness, quarterly returns, over-night polling numbers and the like. We don’t plan for the future. We don’t understand longevity. And thus, without a change in perspective, we’re pretty much screwed. . .

H/T: Tom Nelson, who bears no responsibility for my rant.


Anybody is free, anytime, to put in photovoltaics. They are not efficient. They don’t work at night. They don’t work when under a cloud. Electricity is much cheaper, and reliable, when it comes from a fossil fuel plant, or a nuke.

But in particular, a GIANT photovoltaic can be completely covered by a single rainstorm! A GIANT photovoltaic is in the night, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. When do customers need the most power, Mr. Nobel Prize Winner? Where is your GIANT brain?

What do you have against nuclear power plants, GIANT BRAIN Al Gore? In France, and in the UK, they work GREAT. They are clean, the waste is easily dealt with, and they WORK WELL AT NIGHT.

The Oil Companies, Al Gore, DON’T GIVE ONE DAMN how many photovoltaics you put in. Only a small part of electric power in the United States comes from oil. Small. Infinitesimal. (In edit, 1.6%)

Put in your photovoltaics at your house, OK, GIANT BRAIN Al Gore. Except if you have any, they are brand spanking new, aren’t they? How do they work at night? In a rainstorm? You STILL NEED AN ELECTRIC UTILITY, don’t you, idiot. Maybe you are the guy using oil to make electricity.

Go away, Al Gore, and let us work out our real problem WHICH IS KEEPING WARM DURING THE AL GORE MINIMUM. We don’t need you showing us how to get Nobel Prizes for Ethanol from Corn, a whole other screw-up by you.

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