Dems Ramrod Oil to $123 per Barrel

Angling to garner support for Al Gore’s GIANT Photovoltaic Cell and Ethanol From Cadavers 1st Class State Hero project, Dems have successfully resisted new on-shore exploration, drilling, and development of off-shore oil and energy resources in the United States. Oil supply is shrinking fast, in comparison to the rapidly growing demand around the world. “High prices are easily blamed on Big Oil,” said Al Gore. “Just like low oil prices; or any price of oil, at all.”

But it is the Democrat, Progressive, and Closet Collectivist Republican forces which really control oil prices, by strangling supply from the vast sources of oil inside and around the United States.

“Our goal is not only high oil prices,” stated Al Gore, on this momentous occasion today. “We fully expect to force electricity prices through the 110th story roof, too. We will continue to block nukes, hydroelectric projects, refiners, any possible supply of energy that we cannot completely control. (editor’s note: That is, any supply of energy that makes sense). And, don’t even think about buying natural gas. You can’t afford that, either.”

“The human population of the world can starve, fine. Above all, we want to make sure Earth doesn’t wear a frown, as we see it.”

Gore continued, “We will tell Americans what time of the day they can have power, how much they can have, and how much they will pay for it, and they better kowtow and salute, or they will encounter up close and personal all the wonderful accommodations of our new Gulags in ANWR.”

And the World Economy may well collapse (Ban Ki Moon).

The high price of oil is wreaking havoc with transportation costs world-wide. As the world’s currency finds its way “progressively” to Saudi Arabia and Dubai, and into the coffers of Wahabbists and jihadists, Democrats and their Closet Collectivist Republican partners resolutely refuse to permit development of oil resources in North America. Instead, through the arrangements of co-Nobel laureate Jimmy Carter, Red China, Spain, and Cuba drill American oil from the American continental shelf within 45 miles of Florida.

But Dems see great promise in the ruination of the entire world’s economy, not just that of the US.

The Dems have a plan for cheap oil, too. If you sell or burn oil, TO THE ANWR GULAGS for you. This is the LONG-TERM Dem plan for cheap oil. In Anwar, Dems will teach BIG OIL executives real humanity, and important menial skills. And who controls the price of oil.

High oil prices and high energy prices are definitely the REAL Nobel Prize.

For their next miracle, Dems and Closet Collectivist Republicans will rectify health care. And, “rectify” nearly captures the beauty of it (“rectumize” is suggested as a superior descriptive) $123 per suture, TOTAL COST, after treatment or euthanasia from resulting infections, is the government goal.

Inelasticy of Supply: Dem talking-point and state policy platform. You cannot get what you want. You can only get what you don’t want. Like solar power at noon.


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