The Pied Piper’s Energy Fairy Tale

While the United States drags its feet on the development of oil resources in North America, it is a fairy tale to imagine that the rest of the world will sell us oil at our preferred price.

But this fairy tale is just a paragraph in the greater, fairy tale anthology of global warming.

Our Pied Piper of toxic carbon insists that anthropogenic carbon dioxide must make Earth uninhabitably warm, in spite of a complete lack of evidence of it; and an entire planetary “history” which demonstrates otherwise, We are led by him in a litany of prohibitively uneconomic and imprudent fixes for the one problem we don’t have. We are wasting our scarce resources, pumping our cash (per Anthony Watts “Your tax dollars at work . .”) not just carbon dioxide, down a rathole.

The problem we and the world do have, is expensive energy. We take no action to amelioriate this situation, however, beyond converting food into inefficient carbon fuel (ethanol from corn), which unfortunate conversion requires heavy government subsidy. We take no action to add more resources to energy production. We take no action to add demonstrated clean and safe nuclear energy, for the last 30 years.

Our Pied Piper of climatologic prediction and corporate intrigue now warns us (“A Night With Al Gore”) that “Big Oil” has been conspiring to interfere with the deployment of solar cells. Is he the same “Pied Piper” that blocks with his every breath the development of domestic energy sources, from virtually every other means except solar cells? By his actions, Al Gore wants energy to be too expensive for you to afford. The less practical the source, the better he likes it. He wants you to change and adapt to a world where humans have little energy. Solar cells are proclaimed economically viable, if we only arrange them in a magical geometric array in the desert. Solar cells have been available for decades; who has been installing them? An Al Gore America would need or have no other means of energy production, according to the newest stanza in his tune. At night, or during a blizzard, or a cloudburst in the desert, there would be no energy. Solar cell energy is available only when you need it least; almost no matter where the solar cell is located. (At night, the solar cell must be located on the opposite side of the world. In the winter, the solar cell must be located in the other hemisphere, on the opposite side of the world). Practically, if you want energy at night, or when there is clouds, you will absolutely require an alternative conventional source of energy. The cost of energy from solar cells realistically includes the cost of the infrastructure and facility for the alternative, required source. Likewise, the cost of the nonexistent giant battery which Al Gore has conjured into to technical reality.

Al Gore is every bit as serious about his magic, 90 mile square of solar cells, as he was about ethanol from corn. The disastrous results threatened by Al Gore and his misguided initiatives just keep growing. But, the only thing new about his plan is the 90 mile square.

How long will Americans listen to the unsubstantial fairy tales of our toxic carbon Pied Piper, and defer from development of real alternatives to non-domestic oil at prices set as if America was unable and unwilling to supply itself?

Al Gore has offered no viable means of producing energy; only the deactivation or removal of conventional sources. His solution and ultimate message is clear and single minded: you will survive adequately to suit him, without energy. Supply of energy to you, whether it is from fossil fuel, nuclear, or hydroelectric means, is making the Earth ill, according to Al Gore.

We must today, finally, stop hearing the Piper’s toxic tune. We must commit ourselves to provide realistic energy sources for the future of our children. With abundant, cheap, nuclear energy now proven safe, long range alternatives like gassified coal, and even hydrogen become practical, economically and logistically. We must find and safely extract conventional fuels as we develop real, long-term alternatives. Until we do, our economy will suffer commensurately to the price of oil. We will be hostages.

Let’s stop listening to the tune, regain our senses, and make energy inexpensive and abundant again in America.


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