Dick Durbin Repeals Social Science

Dick Durbin, Tuesday: “We can’t drill our way to lower prices.”

The only conceivable way to reduce oil prices is to drill more oil, Dick. The Democrat plan to drill less oil is why prices are high today. The continuing Democrat plan to drill less oil is why oil prices will be higher tomorrow. Demand in the US and the ROW will absolutely not be satisfied with other than oil.

Democrats offer us solar cells and wind turbines with a straight face; the same face with which they deny social science, history, and human nature, (and surface station history not to mention satellite history), when their lips move. Solar cells and wind turbines are inefficient and unreliable, wherever installed, including Arizona. Conventional power sources are not replaced, nor will they be duplicated. Ethanol from corn is dead (and check out this year’s corn planting). Food, goods, and humans are not transported by wind turbine or by solar cell; nor is it likely they will ever be.

As this present Al Gore Solar Minimum gains momentum, world demand for oil can only increase. Or if the Al Gore Solar Minimum doesn’t gain momentum.

Democrat (collectivist) self-license with respect to social science and history continues to be pandemic. Economics is the perennial, preferred victim. The results consistently mean mortal disaster for humankind; whether it be in the old Soviet Union, Cambodia, Red China, North Korea, or a multitude of other circumstances.

The trademark, the calling card, of collectivists is the lie. Anthropogenic global warming has NEVER been observed.

“We can’t drill our way to lower prices,” another lie, and case in point.


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