Democrats, Saudis: We Will Drill No More Oil

Gasoline today, $3.79 per gallon national average; oil, $128 per barrel.

By far the dominant factor in gasoline price is oil. Oil company profit is far below national gasoline sales tax as a percentage of what we pay for gasoline at the pump.

The Saudis actually increased oil production by 300,000 barrels per day, as of a week ago, ostensibly to make up for some lost production in Mexico and Venezuela. From our own Democrats, nothing; precisely, zero. Democrats do not care about making up for lost production in Mexico or Venezuela; they are resolute – absolutely no more oil will be drilled in the United States and continental shelf. For what new oil can be drilled, there will be no new refinery capacity. There will be no nuclear plants.

Over our Democrats, the Saudis are to be preferred.

Journalists now suggest $9 per gallon for gasoline is on the horizon. That’s fine with Democrats; you can just adapt, and figure out how to commute to work on a solar cell.

I ride my bike; until Democrats screw that up.


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