Biggest Screw-Up in History

Al Gore devoted his entire life to the Biggest Screw-Up in History.

(Considering his presidential campaign, maybe the TWO BIGGEST SCREW-UPS in History).

Congratulations, Al.

If you start now, you may be able to prevent a vast human disaster of biblical proportion.

Interest you? Stop mindless restrictions on energy.

Note: Oil company profits are less than national gasoline sales tax revenue, even in the best of times.


Source: Real intelligence failures by Richard W. Rahn

What do you think was the most costly intelligence failure of all time? . . . It was the failure of many leading climate model builders to be modest enough about their predictions, and the politicians’ and media’s failure to ask the tough questions of these climate experts. As a consequence of what we now know was an overblown global-warming scare, everyone on the planet is paying substantially more for food and fuel than is necessary.

Roger A. Pielke, environmental studies professor at the University of Colorado, and not previously a global warming skeptic, reacted to the Nature article: “Climate models are of no practical use beyond providing some intellectual authority in the promotional battle over global-warming policy.”

Hudson Institute environmental economist Dennis Avery said: “The Earth’s warming from 1915 to 1940 was just about as strong as the “scary” 1975 to 1998 warming in both scope and duration — and occurred too early to be blamed on human-emitted CO2. The cooling from 1940 to 1975 defied the Greenhouse Theory, occurring during the first big surge of man-made greenhouse emissions. Most recently, the climate has stubbornly refused to warm since 1998, even though human CO2 emissions have continued to rise strongly.”

As a direct result of the global-warming hysteria, which, as noted above, was grossly overblown to say the least, governments reacted by restricting energy production from traditional sources, such as oil, gas and coal, and by enacting very costly regulations on CO2 emission sources. Governments also quickly jumped on the fad of “biomass” production, which, at least in the case of corn, does not result in less CO2 but more than standard oil and gas wells produce — a clear “intelligence” failure . . .

. . .over the years oil production and refining companies have had no higher profits on average than most other industries, and if you tax away all their profits this will not reduce prices at the gas pump. Most of the cost of a gallon of gasoline is the price of crude oil (only 12 percent of it controlled by private companies, the rest owned by state-controlled companies like Pemex in Mexico), and federal, state and local taxes. A windfall profits tax would only reduce investment in new production and refining and incentives to produce more oil — another “intelligence” failure.


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