Progress Back to the Village

What does it matter if the Al Gore Minimum extends, producing Maunder-like frigidity around the world? Progress back to the village will continue unabated. The stranglehold, the spector, of invisible anthropogenic global warming, materializing mysteriously someday in the future, is firmly in place.

The energy to keep you warm, transport your food and goods, or light your home won’t be available. As we’ve seen, development of additional energy resources is prohibited. Construction of new coal-fired plants is not approved, as a rule. Nuclear energy is blocked in the United States. Undefined “change” designed to re-habitate you into a primitive village is gathering momentum. Hydrocarbon fuels are practically banned, already, with the stampede to implement caps and trade global carbon tyranny. Human economic activity is to be cut off at the ankles, to mitigate imaginary anthropogenic global warming; a phenomenon which has never been observed outside of a rigged-up computer model. You are a few years at most from a grass hut; and the hut isn’t in the balmy South Pacific. Pollution from factories will be a thing of the past; as will the factories. Production of meat food will cease. With your handy solar cell array, you can choose to operate a light bulb, or a global warming climate model on your legacy PC, when there is bright sun. For dinner, you can have your choice of acorns or whatever you can grow in a three month season. Disease due to serious dietary constriction, in a climate requiring higher caloric intake will be widespread. You won’t need a refrigerator, nine months of the year. When you do need a refrigerator, your power source won’t suffice to operate one.

Finally, agrarian reform will be accomplished. Humans will all be exactly equal and pathetically miserable. This is called “progress.” The dark ages will come again, with a vengeance.

The true winner of the cold war may be emerging. With the assistance of massive public carbon hysteria, induced by prodigious distortion of data, facts and reality, capitalism will finally be overcome Al Gore and his team of jet-setting kommissars will partition whatever wealth and whatever energy remains, so as to keep Earth healthy according to their definition. The dictatorship of the proletariat will be the order of the day (the proletariat always turns out to be a few elites).

The alternative is to truly understand the pathetically small impact of carbon dioxide on global climate, which has been clearly demonstrated over the last 100 years, not to mention the entire “history” of the Earth. Carbon dioxide is not a toxin. While practical direct solar conversion technology does not exist yet (even when there is solution to the storage problem, solar cells only produce energy about one-third of the day), the means to produce energy cleanly from hydrocarbons very much does exist, and is widely practiced – but not everywhere. We must anticipate coming cool periods and have the energy available to negotiate them with minimal human tragedy.

Those forcing progress back to the village must be stopped; we are near the real tipping point. The exact timing seems to depend on the Sun! Our information on the Sun is inadequate now. The Earth isn’t getting sick; humans may well be.


3 Responses

  1. It’s a pretty bleak future, I agree – especially after McCain’s speech last week. Anybody have any good acorn recipes?

  2. I left a comment a few minutes ago that is awaiting moderation. I like your blog and your writing.

    Check out my blog at


  3. Thanks, Klockarman.

    Love your blog Gore Lied – spot on, great research, great read.

    Well done. Congratulations!

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