Global Cooling Real

The temperature that matters most on Earth, that of our oceans, stopped going up at least five years ago. Not only did it stop going up, the temperature of the oceans is decreasing. The cooling of the oceans is not caused by greenhouse warming due to anthropogenic carbon dioxide. In fact, it proves rather conclusively that greenhouse warming due to anthropogenic carbon dioxide, or any carbon dioxide at all, is a vast fraud of planetary proportion. Where is this ocean data?

Mum is the word, except: “It is not anything really significant. It may be we are in a period of less rapid warming,” according to Dr. Josh Willis.

That would be fine; except an observed anomaly in the surface, to 2000 meters, of the ocean should be at least 500 times as thermally significant as the same deviation in the atmosphere (I am hoping for comments on this point). The exchange mechanism of energy between ocean and atmosphere is important, of course. That the ocean is a heat reservoir of vast proportion compared to the atmosphere, though, is undeniable.

Except for the reluctance of the guilty parties to recant on the error of their previous incantations, global warming is indeed dead. But the data is already out! There is no need to wait for deniers of science to come clean, however reluctant these may be.

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10 Responses

  1. I love to see all of the pro energy wasting people espousing all of these complaints about a tiny section of data and applying it to all of the rest of the data. These guys do NO research and just look for any minor chink in the armor to discredit the rest.. DO SOME ACTUAL UNBIASED RESEARCH YOU FOOLS

  2. Beyond installing 3159 sophisticated, satellite communicating, depth-plumbing buoys, at a cost of at least $12,000 each, to prove that the oceans are getting warm; only to find out the exact opposite, I agree that we should get some unbiased data.

    The data was taken in a huge experiment for the exact (in edit: my bad – (wrong) the argo buoys also provide vital characterization of oceanic variation like PDO and NAO; but without the myth of “global warming” would this expense have been made?) purpose of assessing imaginary global warming; a noble effort indeed. A huge amount of expensive data proves the opposite; so suddenly we have no data.

    Jim Hansen is preparing a computer model which will prove that colder oceans are an inevitable effect of anthropogenic carbon dioxide. His computer model will be energy efficient, just like Al Gore’s private jets; or the manufacture of solar cells which don’t work under clouds.

    Who exactly is wasting the energy?

    Ethanol from corn is also a waste of energy. Is there no end to Al Gore’s fertile imagination?

  3. This was one of the best temperature measurements ever made. In awesome irony the experimenters took the greatest pains and spared no expense to demonstrate the ultimate proof of global warming….

  4. Paulidan, “awesome irony” definitely captures this story. Thanks.

  5. Chill, don’t worry about Al. The reality-deniers can post a single article about possible links that “prove” their case, but the skeptics must show all evidence in each post that show how the models have falsified. It is an odd double standard. — John M Reynolds

  6. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Conditionality.

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  8. […] Computerized catastrophe modeling is the new actuarial power drink, thanks to the doomsaying of Al Gore and James Hansen. And this while Earth’s oceans cool. […]

  9. […] know the ocean is cooling from the nearly unmentionable Argo float data. The oceanic uptake should be a very significant factor in the atmospheric observation. Reducing […]

  10. While the air borne fraction of man made CO2 has obviously increased, the total airborne CO2 fraction appears to have remained almost constant since 1850 to present.


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