Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less

Coincidentally, demand for this video exceeds supply!

More: http://www.AmericanSolutions.com/DrillNow


5 Responses

  1. How can I obtain the “Drill now, drill here, pay less” bumper sticker?

  2. Nancy,

    You can get the bumper sticker at http://www.AmericanSolutions.com/DrillNow. Thanks for your support!


  3. Liberalism and socialism go hand in hand when the matter concerns land. In this case, global warming.
    Left uncontested, these liberal, socialist environmental thugs will next be telling you that you can no longer own your land. They will try and take away your rights. They will try and dictate to you how much electricity you can use, they will try and nationilze the United States oil companies and decide how much fuel you will use. They will try and alter the Constitution of your country telling you that it is a living, breathing document. If they are succesful, it will be the outright rape of the United States! Don’t laugh America….socialism is right at your back door and it lives and breathes in our current congress! Many of you fail to see it. We do not need government telling us what to do and what not to do. We do not need help from the cradle to the grave by our government . America was not built upon socialism or liberalism. It was built on straight, hard brass tacks, and hard work ethics and good morals.
    It was built on liberty and trust and the will to do what is right. It was built on good moral principles and sound education…not the liberal “circus” of which many of our public schools have become today. We MUST demand more from our elected politicians. To do otherwise is doing our nation a great injustice!

  4. Wasn’t this country built on brains, as well?

    Even if we began drilling today, most of this oil would not be available for over ten years – if that soon.

  5. Oil production can be increased in as little as 1 year, for example in Santa Barbara. To claim that abundant energy has not been a factor in America’s economic success would be disingeneous. There is no evidence linking carbon dioxide as a cause of global warming. In fact, we will need more energy, vastly more energy, if Earth’s temperature drops 2.2 degrees Celsius as it givves every indication of doing (and as it has done thousahds of times before). Wind energy costs about twice what nuclear energy does.

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