Massive Growth in Polar Ice – Arctic Ice

See the sturdy Russian icebreaker trapped in the Arctic Ice (Watt’s Up? file photo).

But wait, there is NO arctic ice, according to climate manipulators Al Gore, Jim Hansen, and their muppets. How does this compute for you?

H/T: The venerable Watt’s Up?

Watt\'s Up File Photo

The irony leaves us cold

Special to The Globe and Mail

May 24, 2008

. . . By days five and six, the tension is rising. The situation is getting serious. Many of us have deadlines and other commitments. The ship’s bar does a brisk business.

Then, on the seventh day, just as quickly as the ice had come in at 3 a.m. a week earlier, our captor sets us free. The engines are turned on and soon we are racing to make up time.

The ice master was right: This waterway may look like an easily navigable shortcut across the top of the globe, but we are not in charge of the itinerary. This is still an unpredictable passage.


Now, why would anyone consider this a “passage?”



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