Case For Global Cooling

Jovian Planets, 100 and 300 times Earth\'s MassCan periodic cooling on Earth be explained by planetary alignment?

The Dalton Minimum followed the Maunder Minimum by something like 150 to 200 years. The Maunder Minimum was more severe and lasted longer, about 80 years compared to about 25 years for the length of the Dalton Minimum. It is difficult to choose the exact beginning, zenith, or end of these cool periods on Earth, particularly for the Maunder. We might choose the year 1820 to associate with the nadir of sunspot activity during the Dalton Minimum – slightly more than 180 years ago.

If the Sun’s magnetic cycle is sensitive to tidal forces, or other effects from the orbiting planetary mass, the number 180 may be magic. Scientists suggest, in a recent paper entitled “Does a Spin–Orbit Coupling Between the Sun and the Jovian Planets Govern the Solar Cycle?” (see the abstract here) that the combined effects of Saturn and Jupiter could induce magnetic cycle fluctuations in the Sun with a period of just about exactly 180 years.

As author Ian Wilson explained to Andrew Bolt from post Cooling coming:

It supports the contention that the level of activity on the Sun will significantly diminish sometime in the next decade and remain low for about 20 – 30 years. On each occasion that the Sun has done this in the past the World’s mean temperature has dropped by ~ 1 – 2 C.

Physicist Luboš Motl in this article states

The paper is effectively another peer-reviewed case for global cooling.

It is no small comfort that at least our deepest-thinking (skeptical) scientists are investigating Solar behavior and its impact on Earth’s climate. In the past, Solar magnetic behavior has been closely linked with very pronounced climate changes. Our government funded scientists however are busy figuring out how to pump carbon dioxide down abandoned mine shafts; how embarrassing.

Anthony Watts also blogs on this Global Cooling paper here.


Enough Sea Level Hysteria

Stop with the incessant sea level hysteria, Al Gore. It is apparent now that global warming and rising sea levels are the least of our worries. Carbon dioxide goes up, but sea level has stopped going up; and may well be going down, along with ocean temperatures as measured secretly by the Argo buoys. Jim Hansen and Al Gore, how about some non-fiction computer models? What ever happened to Truth in Climate?

UC-Boulder Sea Level Trend

(A millimeter, mm, is .0394 inches).

Read more at UC-Boulder Sea Level Change or Global Cooling Real.

From Andrew Bolt, H/T Tom Nelson

If these data can be validated and they confirm what appears to be cooling oceans as measured by the 3000+ floating and diving sensors of Argo, then warming is the least of our worries.

Should observes CO2 levels start to decline over the next year or so, then that would correspond to overall cooling of oceans, as the solubility of CO2 in the oceans increases as the water gets colder. A “minor” dip in average, near-surface ocean temperature would negate all man-made CO2 release.

The decline in ocean temperature is most likely to be caused by a reduction in heating by the sun; by direct decline in the sun’s intensity; by an increase in low cloud cover, or a combination of both.

A prolonged cooling will only be a problem if we are denied access to affordable and abundant energy. That’s a certainty.

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New Ice Age On Its Way

Jim Hansen’s comprehensive computer models indisputably revealed that Cycle 24 would start up in March; then May. As of June 25, no Cycle 24.

Jim Hansen does not have a clue about when Cycle 24 will start, because he has been utterly absorbed in extorting carbon ransom from successful (capitalist) economies. Other responsible scientists, by the thousands have deplored the distortion, lies, and pathetically bad science. Still, your tax dollars exclusively feed global warming hysteria, Al Gore and Jim Hansen’s personal gold mine.

Relevant to food, our supply of the same is utterly dependent on the generous growing seasons of the recent warm period. We have no margin in food productivity for icy exigency, as this latest spring growing season demonstrated.

Which Solar cycle is it, that will mark another Solar shut-down as occurred in 1650, and numerous, perhaps uncountable, occasions before? Is it Cycle 24? Sunspot-free days are only one of many poorly understood and criminally under-researched characteristics of our only source of warmth, the Sun.

The Solar shut-down of 1650, called the Maunder Minimum, drastically abbreviated crop growing seasons and resulted in large-scale human suffering and death.

A New Ice Age is absolutely on its way, as Al Gore, Jim Hansen, and affiliated parasites line their pockets and divert scientific effort from its legitimate purpose; the grain riots have already started. Could it be the reluctant Cycle 24?

H/T: Cycle 24; see Trend Charts

Cycle 24 AWOL

Get Your Obama Magic Solar Energy Beans

The Solution To Obama\'s Problem

Doug Ross Story

More drilling will not reduce oil prices; when ever has increased supply undercut the price of a commodity before? When has the promise of increased supply ever dimmed the ardor of speculators, before? What ever would cause the price of a commodity to decrease, when its supply increases, anyway? Obviously, we can’t drill our way out of this.

Since oil is a predominant cause of the Earth’s temperature going up, you need Obama’s Magic Solar Energy Beans instead.

If your crops suffer vast widespread failure due to Global Chilling in the current Al Gore Minimum, you can cook up a mess of the Magic Solar Energy Beans instead of pouring them into your tank. Recipe book available. Just remember how warm the Earth was supposed to be (according to advanced COMPUTER models), and enjoy those Obama Magic Solar Energy Beans.

Deja Vu: We did this before, in those progressive Jimmy Carter years!

If solar energy is the solution, what exactly is, and when was, the problem, “progressives?”

Why hasn’t solar energy done anything for us, since Jimmy Carter?

Democrat Climatology and Economics

1. Increasing the supply of oil will not reduce its price.
2. Photovoltaics work GREAT at night; A watt at night is just as cheap as a watt at noon, with photovoltaics. (When you need energy at night, you should REMEMBER the energy you had at noon).
3. Silicon has been unavailable to make photovoltaics and chips because of Bush and Cheney and Big Oil.
4. Higher transportation costs of food will help Americans lose weight.
5. Wind power is fine, in red states.
6. The oceans temperatures are insignificant if they are going down.
7. Cosmic rays are a Republican invention.
8. ANWR and Florida off-shore are exquisitely fragile ecosystems, because oil exists under them.
9. Antarctic ice is just about gone.
10. Chinese environmental practices are far advanced beyond American Big Oil and thus not threatening the exquisitely fragile ecosystem off-shore Florida localized above the oil.
11. Economic progress, if centrally planned, will revolutionize humanity (as it has before). This can be called “change.”
12. Temperature is insignificant if it is going down.
13. American oil companies have caused the high gasoline prices in the US and China.
14. Commodity markets have a rule that speculators only can purchase oil on margin; and not sell it on margin.
15. Speculators are unconcerned about the supply of oil increasing. They will only continue to drive prices up no matter how much supply is increased.
16. Comprehensive, central planning makes the best economy. Energy is only one example.
17. Democrats are good at planning oil production. See?
18. Prudhoe Bay’s exquisitely fragile ecosystem only looks healthy today.
19. The brilliance of ethanol from corn is a shining example of the benefits of comprehensive central planning.
20. Grain products cause obesity anyway.

Much more to come. Or add yours.

YES, We Can!

We can drill our way out of this. We got into this by not drilling. If we keep not drilling, we will get only further into it.

If we are NOT DRILLING more oil when Iran attacks Israel as it promises to do, we will have less oil than if we are drilling more oil. Is this clear? In point of fact, we will always have more oil if we drill for it than if we don’t, ALWAYS. No matter what the premise. No matter what happens in the Middle-east, or Nigeria, or Venezuela, or Mexico. If you want a helpless, defenseless, moribund America, make us more dependent on foreign oil and foreign powers by not drilling; you are already having a smashing success.

“We can’t drill our way out of this” is practically an oxymoron (upon prolonged reconsideration, it is absolutely an oxymoron). There is every way in which drilling can get us out of this; and there is no way in which drilling more oil cannot get us out of it, because “it” is having less oil.

Speculators will sell oil rapidly when they are convinced we will drill. Same for gasoline.

Stop forcing speculators to buy oil by assuring them we will not drill! If you don’t like speculators bidding up oil, you have only to convince them we will drill for it. They will sell it by the gigaton. They will run away from it like the plague.

Yes we can drill our way out of this. If we can do anything at all, we can drill our way out of this.

Or maybe you prefer Americans do without energy? Without Energy Life Is Brutal and Short. You think America should revert (progress) back to the village? Is that what you mean when you say “Yes, we can revert back to the village?”

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less

Global Warming Summary

Joe D’Aleo, of ICECAP, succinctly summarizes global warming below.

Satellite Temperatures