Church of the Environment Unconcerned About Corn

We may have a serious problem. Kansas farmers are now trying to figure out how to grow cool-climate corn; but they are receiving little help. We don’t have to speculate that other states are also experiencing problems like “cold-weather crown stress.” See: Downtown Farmers Market draws 10,000. In Iowa “Menzel said Salt Fork Farms also felt the effect of the cold, wet weather — some of his crops failed and others were growing slowly.” Our “progressive” government’s concern is to prevent the problem we do not have: global warming caused by excess carbon dioxide. They are not concerned with trivialities like corn and vegetables, in spite of the cacophony of warning signals. In spite of the food riots, the grain shortages with explosive price increases, our government at the behest of unconscious charlatans devotes its study to massive wealth redistribution schemes (Krauthammer: Carbon Chastity The First Commandment of the Church of the Environment) aimed at a specter. Corn was already expensive; what is the jeopardy to this years crop? Next years? Our government does not care. It has another agenda entirely. It is off in a make-believe world of Global Warming, as Earth gets cold.

Far from an isolated instance, crop difficulties can be expected broadly across North America and elsewhere in the world, where it is now cold, and perhaps getting colder.

H/T: Tom Nelson

K-State Ag Today: Cold-weather crown stress
In many places, the corn growing season got off to a cool, damp start. Those conditions may have given rise to what’s known as cold-weather crown stress.

K-State Research and Extension row crop disease specialist Doug Jardine says affected plants often show unusual nutrient symptoms, such as being pot ash, phosphorous, or nitrogen deficient. He says they’ll have an off-yellow color and typically be stunted.

At this point, there’s nothing a producer can do to counter cold-weather crown stress. In terms of eventual yields, Jardine says drought stress in August would have a greater impact than a cool summer with timely rains.

The K-State Soil Testing Lab has updated its Web site to guide different customers, such as farmers, agronomists, homeowners and researchers, to their specific needs. Each customer now has a different pathway to submit a soil test or leaf analysis.

The site also has general information related to soil fertility and nutrient management. A publications section has also been added to help answer questions about fertilizer recommendations and applications, nutrient deficiency symptoms, and nutrient management. The easiest way to get to the Web site is through the Agronomy home page.


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  2. […] His speech seems to have been widely quoted, as for instance early this year in an entry entitled ‘The Church of the Environment’ on the blog ‘New Wars’ (26/1/08). The expression continues to turn up. A few months ago a column appeared in the Seattle Times (30/5/08), the National Review Online (30/5/08) and the Washington Post (2/6/08) complaining of ‘the church of the environment’, by which the author, Charles Krauthammer, meant environmentalists seeking to regulate the community. The Washington Post article was noted on the blog ‘Global Warming: A Worn-out Hoax’ (8/6/08). […]

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