Ethanol from What Corn?

Ethanol plants are shutting down; a corn crop disaster is imminent.

Al Gore’s Nobel prize plan to burn food is letting us down. The alternative source of energy is once again proven to be a bad alternative. Got any more good ideas, Al?

“This year it has been cold and wet since April. So the plants that are flooded are dead or under stress, and the plants not flooded are under stress as well, because they are so behind in development.”

We need more American oil coming to market.

INTERVIEW-Flooded Iowa crops face heavy yield losses 13 Jun 2008 22:12:31 GMT
Source: Reuters
By Julie Ingwersen

CHICAGO, June 13 (Reuters) – About one-quarter of Iowa’s soybean acres and at least 8 percent of the state’s corn either have not been seeded or will need replanting due to flooding, an Iowa State University agronomist said in an interview on Friday.

Planting at this late date, farmers can expect significant yield losses, ISU extension agronomist Palle Pedersen said. And with many areas still under water, farmers are unlikely to be able to get in their fields for several more days.

“Nobody is going to be able to plant this weekend because it is so wet here. It is going to be next week” at the earliest, he said.

Farmers planting soybeans in mid-June can expect only about 60 percent of optimal yield. By waiting until early July, yield potential drops to 33 to 50 percent.

For corn, Pedersen said, “Right now, planting in middle of June, it’s 70 percent of your yield potential. In early July, it will be 50 percent.”

“So we are not going to beat our record in Iowa this year,” Pedersen said.

Iowa grows more corn than any other U.S. state and is typically the largest or second-largest soybean producer. Last year, Iowa farmers grew 2.368 billion bushels of corn — nearly one-fifth of the U.S. crop — and 439 million bushels of soybeans.

This year, Iowa farmers expected to plant 13.2 million acres of corn and 9.8 million acres of soybeans, according to a March forecast from the U.S. Agriculture Department.

Using Pedersen’s figures, some 2.4 million acres of the state’s intended soybeans and 1 million acres of soybeans could face yield losses of 50 percent.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey toured farm fields in the Creston, Iowa, area on Friday. More than 10 inches (25 cm) of rain has fallen in the city of Creston so far this month.

“We have a lot of fields yet in this state that are not planted,” Northey told reporters.

“We have about 2 percent of the corn — which doesn’t sound like a lot, but in Iowa that still mounts up — that have not been planted; about 14 percent of the soybeans that have not been planted,” Northey said.

In addition, he said: “About 7 percent of the corn, 6 percent of the soybeans have been drowned out.”


Grain experts have been drawing comparisons between current conditions and the flood of 1993, when the Mississippi River flooded its banks in the heart of the U.S. Corn Belt, resulting in the smallest U.S. corn crop in almost 20 years.

In that year, the heaviest rains came in June and July, after the corn and soy crops had a chance to get established.

The 2008 crops may be worse off, Pedersen said, because a cool, wet spring slowed or prevented early growth.

“This year it has been cold and wet since April. So the plants that are flooded are dead or under stress, and the plants not flooded are under stress as well, because they are so behind in development.”

“These numbers you see (for late-planted yield reductions) are under perfect conditions, and we are not dealing with that now.” (Reporting by Christine Stebbins, writing by Julie Ingwersen; Editing by Marguerita Choy)


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  1. You want alternative fuel,? Do you want freedom from the middle east and Chavez? Do you want to stop listening to chicken little (Al Gore)? Of course Americans are sick of energy prices and Wacky Middle East radical Religions (not to mention the idiot environmentalist). The Answer is right under your feet COAL. We can and will turn Coal into liquid fuel. When you do that you will create CO2 (Don’t be scared) that CO2 can be captured, compressed and sent to Algae farms in the Southwest, those Algae farms will someday be ready to pay for the CO2 as a feedstock for micro algae which can produce 10,000 gallonsw of fuel per acre (compared to soybeans at 48 gallons per acre). This is a no brainer.

  2. Abundant, cheap, energy is the bane of today’s socialists. Don’t elect them; it could come true.

  3. There is a fuel solution, that is clean, cheap, and a never ending supply. This fuel source would eliminate our use for foreign oil, help local farmers, help our economy, and is an environmentally green solution. The solution is windpower. Local farmers could have giant windmills on the outskirts of their land, giving them extra income. There are already wind turbains in oceans. Think about it, wind. Will we ever run out of wind? Wind converted into elctricity. Electric powered cars! We could use our own oil for military purposes and have enough, if we had altrnative means for cars. Coal is very hard on our environment, and in 40 years we will be having a large shortage of coal also. Wind we will never run out of. Ethanol is not the solution either. Using corn for fuel has put food prices through the roof. Our livestock, soda pop, even our tires require corn. Using corn as fuel runs up the price of everything, because it takes the supply away from other things that we need from corn. Now think about President Bush and several other top officials. They make a lot of their money off of oil. President Bush’s family makes billions on oil. So why would thy want to support other energy methods? Electric cars would decrease our need for oil. So with wind as an energy source we can lower food prices again, create sinificately less pollution, strenghthen our dollar by not being dependent on foreign oil, and have a fuel source that will never run out.

  4. Stupid lying socialists!

    They get us in trouble, then want us to keep doing more of the same, and then they blame us when their idiotic notions cause harm because we weren’t able to turn their false hopes into reality.

    As Evan Sayet so clearly showed, they are always wrong about everything. When will the rest of us learn to just say “NO!” to their maliciously foolish self aggrandizing whims?

    drill here, drill now

  5. “Electric cars would decrease our need for oil.”

    How, wendy? Where do you think the electricity comes from to run the car? Burning oil to make electricity to charge the car batteries is less efficient than running the car on gas. The rest of your dreamy fantasies may be true in never-never land, but here in reality they are also as wrong as that statement about cars. Learn some science, and stop believing in the socialists who are pretending to be environmentalists in order to control your behavior.

  6. cool blog i’m driving a car powered on water fuel as energy source its good against global warming and it saves me loads of money too you check it out here: LINK

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