Global Warming Summary

Joe D’Aleo, of ICECAP, succinctly summarizes global warming below.

Satellite Temperatures


3 Responses

  1. Satellite Microwave transmissions, EHF and Higher, are causing Polar Ice cap melting and Global Warming. This is due to radio frequency heating on a global level. See article at
    Thank You
    James Richardson

  2. hey its increasing day by day .we should do something to stop this .summary gave me a very interesting knowledge about it.

  3. What happens if we start at 1995 with this chart? What happens if we end at 2012?

    Looks to me like the chart misses a decade’s perspective, which is the minimum unit in climate analysis. It covers part of the hottest decade measured in the history of human life on Earth, perhaps the hottest decade even including those not measured — so the baseline should be established outside of this chart. What is the baseline?


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