Change: Progressive War on Energy

We are losing a very important war: the progressive War on Energy!

Learn to get along with no energy. There will be no more oil drilled, no more nuclear plants, not even any new coal-fired electricity plants. Transportation must be unaffordable; to save the Earth. Harry Reid says carbon dioxide has made us all sick! Your nation will be changed, into a hovel, or maybe an anthill. You were too rich, you had too much energy and too many machines. You need to change. Do it quick. The Earth is getting sick (or is it getting cold?). Government subsidized energy, from photovoltaics and wind turbines will be available sporadically at respectable distances from the homes of progressive senators and congresspersons.

Environmentalists and “progressives” nationwide will seize this court decision as an opportunity to cut off another arm and leg of your energy. $4 gasoline and $5 diesel is only the start.

Dynegy coal-fired plant in Georgia stalls

Environmental groups are battling coal-fired power projects because of concerns about so-called greenhouse gases linked to global warming. Houston-based Dynegy, owner of electricity plants in 12 U.S. states, and closely held LS of East Brunswick, N.J., have a joint venture that may develop coal-fueled plants in at least six states, including Georgia and Texas.

About 20 percent of the Georgia plant’s cost, or $400 million, would be for equipment to control pollution, Michael Vogt, Longleaf’s project manager, said in a November opinion article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He also said Georgia’s water supplies wouldn’t be jeopardized by the project.

Read here: This is “the first time a court has applied the Supreme Court’s 2007 decision to carbon dioxide from an industrial source.”


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