Fanciful Computer Modeling Hysteria Surges Into Insurance

/Irony on/ Since carbon dioxide (and nuclear energy) causes

Global Chilling
Ice Ages
Asteroid strikes
Not Rain
Not Hail
Unspecified General Toxicity
Warming on Mars
Crop failure
Unemployment & poverty
Solar eclipses
Mosquitos near the Arctic Circle (like never before)
Bathroom falls
Global Warming
Falsification by government-employed showmen posing as scientists
Making Us All Sick (on authority of Harry Reid)
and coming soon, emotional depression

It makes perfect sense /irony off/ that insurance companies would port over James Hansen’s potent global warming and cash redistribution software package, to assist in quoting insurance to honest, if gullible, (but otherwise healthy) Americans.

According to The Wall Street Journal (here):

. . . Costs for homeowner insurance along the East and Gulf coasts have risen 20% to 100% since 2004, says the Insurance Information Institute, a trade group. In the three years through 2006, says the institute, property and casualty insurers registered record profits, topping out at $65.8 billion in 2006. (Despite severe U.S. weather that has caused about $8.9 billion in insured property losses to date this year, it’s too early to forecast 2008 profits.)

Helping to drive these developments is a little-known tool of the insurance world: Computerized catastrophe modeling. Crafted by several independent firms and used by most insurers, so-called cat models rely on complex data to estimate probable losses from hurricanes.

Read more.

Computerized catastrophe modeling is the new actuarial power drink, thanks to the doomsaying of Al Gore and James Hansen. And this while Earth’s oceans cool.

/irony on/Thank you Al Gore/irony off/.


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