Computer Modeling For Your Cash

Famous government scientist James Hansen, starting at point 1, has forecasted point 2.

We are now at point 3.

If you have a LOT OF MONEY, like Teresa Heinz Kerry, perhaps you would like to incentivize government employee, progressive advocate, and political campaigner Hansen to forecast point 4 (not shown). Like it or not, you are doing the same, anyway.

Dividing the Hansen projected change, by the actual change, between 1988 and today, yields an error of just about 500 percent. But you check it.

Neither repeated violations of the Hatch Act, nor an error in climatic projections of 500 percent, seem to impede James Hansen.

Exploding energy costs, and exploding insurance costs, in the United States, are due to James Hansen, and his 500 percent error rate.

Perhaps a little impediment should be applied.

500 percent error

Chart (modified): Ordinary Eyeball: How did Hansen’s Predictions Do?


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