Alleviate World Hunger

How alleviate world hunger? In the next Little Ice Age, and the next real Ice Age, inevitably and inexorably coming to Earth, maybe sooner, maybe later, but absolutely coming, especially how alleviate world hunger? When the Earth’s temperature drops by 2.5 degrees centigrade (4.5 degrees Farenheit) and the growing seasons shorten by weeks or months, how alleviate world hunger? Why is Earth greener today than it has been over the history of human observation from space? (See Surprise: Earths’ Biosphere is Booming, Satellite Data Suggests CO2 the Cause).

To alleviate world hunger, produce more clean carbon dioxide! Carbon dioxide is plant food; and plants make people food. The opposite of pollution, carbon dioxide is necessary for the Earth’s ecosystems. More carbon dioxide means more crop production, simply. For certain, more carbon dioxide does not make Earth any warmer, as recent temperature observation shows:

Earth cools, as carbon dioxide increases

Earth cools, as carbon dioxide increases

Monthly Satellite Temperature Chart by Joe D’Aleo, ICECAP

Alleviate world hunger produce more clean carbon dioxide

. . .Far from being a pollutant, man along with every animal on land, fish in the sea, and bird in the air is totally dependent on atmospheric carbon dioxide for his food supply.

Some politicians complain that the United States with only 3% of the world population uses 25% of the energy. But the clean carbon dioxide which we produce is increasing food production everywhere on earth. China, on the other hand, is building new power plants at a record rate using the abundant domestic supply of coal they have and has now passed the United States as the leading producer of carbon dioxide. Although their coal has a high sulfur content, they are building the new plants without any pollution controls. The sulfur dioxide which these power plants are releasing to the atmosphere, besides smelling like rotten eggs is, in sunlight, readily converted to sulfur trioxide, the highly solublegas responsible for most acid rain.

Much more, here.


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