Arctic Ice Holding Up

With the peak melting season rapidly slipping away, arctic ice is hanging in there very nicely. The photo below is from the AQUA/MODIS satellite only yesterday.

Remember, certain scientists (funded scientists) and global warming advocates were pretty certain the arctic ice would be gone by now. Wrong again; they should seriously re-assess their climatology methods.

Watt’s Up has the story “Satellite Imagery Shows Arctic Ice Still Unmelted” (and thanks, Anthony, for your hard work).

Arctic Ice Hanging In Through Melting Season

Arctic Ice Hanging In Through Melting Season


6 Responses

  1. Oh no save the earth.

  2. really, I hear everyday how the world is going to end from melting.

  3. Thickness is everything. The problem isn’t coverage so much as thickness. I have been studying out Mt Hood my whole life and have see the glacier retreat each year for the last 20 years. Each winter the mountain looks nice and white. This year we had record snow fall too. But it doesn’t add up to an advancing glacier. Anyway the Earth could not give less of a crap about what you think or what I think. I do know that when doctor after doctor tells you that you have cancer you better address it. of course you might not like what they tell you. You can always find some crank who will tell you what you want to hear. But that won’t help while the cancer eats away.

    • Scoot Gregg I am pleased to hear you’ve wasted your time watching a glacier retreat, if you were as smart as you think you are you would realize that the Ice Age consisted of really four periods. During each period the ice formed and advanced, then melted back towards the North Pole,called “interglacial” periods.
      The last Ice Age didn’t melt at the same rate everywhere. For example, cie that reached what is now Wisconsin began to melt about 40,000 years ago. But ice that had covered New England melted about 28,000 years ago. And there was ice covering what is now Minnesota until about 15,000 years ago!In Europe, Germany got from under the ice 17,000 years ago and Sweden remanined covered with ice until about 13,000 years ago! OMG Scoot its been retreating for thousands of years, OMG dumbass what would we do without your paranoid doomsday CANCER!

  4. Scott Greg:

    Thickness is secondary. The area is primary because it determines the albedo.

    If you were 300 years old and for those 300 years you saw the glacier retreat would you think the glacier retreating for the last 20 unusual?

    If it retreated and then expanded and now was retreating again in that 300 years would you now pin the retreat of today on CO2 levels?

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