Human CO2 Snuffs Out Sun’s 10.7cm Band

Anthropogenic carbon dioxide has caused kidney stones, obesity of Filipinos, and lower IQ (Today, global warming causes… ). But this latest outrage is surely the last straw.

Earthquakes? Tidal waves? (also frequently caused by carbon dioxide). Insignificant, compared to putting the Sun to sleep! Anthony Watts has the story, Sun in deep slumber: 10.7 solar flux hits record low value. Maybe this CO2 stuff is just as dangerous as Al Gore and James Hansen swear it must be.

If the Sun’s magnetic activity shuts down for a prolonged interval (and note that the 10.7cm flux is a measure of that activity), Earth’s essential Solar protection from high energy cosmic rays will be marginally diminished. Those high energy cosmic rays, free to penetrate the solar system and Earth’s lower atmosphere, will more often cause electron showers and increased low cloud formation. The increased low clouds will reflect more of the Sun’s energy, raising the albedo of Earth, and dropping the temperature. A few degrees is all it will take; and Al Gore’s tragic prophecy of Global Cooling will become reality. Growing seasons will be shorter, food quantity and variety will be drastically diminished, just when, on a colder Earth, humans will need more food; more calories in their diets. Just like in 1650 AD; and just like in 1825 AD.

You think expensive gasoline is a problem.

Sunspots are also a measure of solar activity. And we have had no sunspots in the last 24 days, when cycle 24 should have been going strong, for long! We haven’t seen a cycle 24 spot in 73 days (ICECAP, William Briggs, June 15, 2008).

Carbon dioxide is bad stuff, indeed. So be sure not to emit any carbon dioxide. And be ashamed, very ashamed, of the damage to the Universe, and to the Sun, caused by you.


4 Responses

  1. I too believe that humans are single handedly destroying the universe with carbon emissions. Though the Earth is a pretty stable, sizeable, robust planet, we have destroyed its atmosphere and are moving beyond to infinite reaches of space.
    Why have UFO sightings been skyrocketing?
    They want to tell us, “Stop screwing up the universe!”

  2. How can CO2 from earth get to the sun? Wouldn’t the vacuum of space spread any CO2 leakage far beyond our sun? How can man be held accountable for the global cooling of 1650 A.D. and 1825 A.D.? How do you account for increased CO2 levels on planets other than earth? Humans, so far as we are aware, only populate earth and so cannot possibly be responsible for increased CO2 on Mars. How about the fact that the earth has had Ice Ages, and periods of much warmer temperatures than now, long before mankind started using carbon dioxide emitting fuels in great quantities? Why are you so willing to think that ideal temperatures are those of today or fifty years ago? Why do you even think that man is responsible for the warming or cooling when these effects have gone on as long as the earth has existed? The sun seems to be responsible for the CO2 levels throughout the ages and more CO2 is put into the atmosphere by an erupting volcano than by all the cars run by man. I think that it is wiser to think how to survive inevitable change than to try to halt change that is part of the cycle of life of this planet.

    • Anthropogenic carbon dioxide is precisely allegorical to capitalist greed and selfishness; thus it is responsible for everything ill, notwithstanding substantial history in absolute refutation. The post is poorly done sarcasm (I think of it as irony) for which I apologize. I should delete it; maybe I will. I could not agree more with your concern about the inevitable cooling of Earth in our future, which will be disastrous for humankind (needlessly, and again).

  3. I am sorry to have gotten so upset at the post, I failed to catch your sarcasm. I do however direct my comment to all who swallow the enviromental preaching without question.

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