Crisis of Lies at NASA GISS

The recent news (here) of James Hansen and his carbon jihadists fabricating “scientific” data from the Ripogenus Dam -Maine USHCN station, long after it closed, marks a new zenith of delusion at NASA. For eleven years after the station ceased all operations, “global warming” data from stations like the one below (touted as “the highest quality network of temperature stations in the world,” obviously a vast misrepresentation in itself) were generously massaged to create “junk” data which was then misrepresented as if it were ongoing measurements from Ripogenus Dam.

The Highest Quality Temperature Station in the World

The Highest Quality Temperature Station in the World

Lie is compounded by lie from NASA GISS – to prove that Americans have too much energy. Drilling now could prevent deaths (which certainly would be be caused by cooling; not warming – starvation is already underway!) by the winter of 2009/10 – but instead we should SPEND $trillions in long range research programs to invent hypothetical alternative energy sources, and save lives starting not before 2020 supposing Earth’s climate will finally synch up with James Hansen’s delusion.

Those research programs will obviously be “The highest quality research programs in the World.” Unreliable when it comes to saving the lives of the elderly, the hungry, children, or the freezing, though.

End the arrogance, James Hansen; you are about to cause fatalities. Actually, you have already done so. You have invented a whole new class of “facts”, feeding a mindless stampede to oblivion with arrogant lies and false science. We don’t need renewable energy that causes starvation; what we do need is solutions for the next Little Ice Age; or the next real Ice Age. You have no valid data suggesting any change in the drivers of Earth’s climate; or if you do, we know for sure the data is massively cooked.


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