Richard Feynman: It’s Not a Scientific World

Via The Reference Frame, Luboš Motl: Cargo cult science: a video

Richard Feynman comments colorfully on the Cargo Cult Science of Al Gore and James Hansen, far in advance (1974). As Luboš Motl relates it:

Feynman was trying to explain what’s wrong with various careless, agenda-driven, biased, preconceived mental frameworks that try to pretend that they are scientific but they don’t honestly eliminate falsified hypotheses according to the results of objective tests.

The falsified hypotheses of Al Gore and James Hansen are indeed resilient. On the surface, it’s not a scientific world, Richard; nor in the short term. We must admit to living in a world sullied by eruptions of cargo cult science, precisely as described in the video below. In the end, real science will inevitably triumph. Al Gore and James Hansen will sooner, or later eschew their cargo cult science, just as the aborigines of Australia have done.

Read “Cargo Cult Science” by Richard Feynman, thanks to The Reference Frame.


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  2. That you would misconstrue Feynman’s great point about the need for greater scientific “honesty” with the illustration that global warming is a great “hoax” is a crime against the great teacher’s words and intent. Shame on you, sir. Shame on you.

    • Anthropogenic global warming is the greatest example IN ALL HISTORY of what Feynman offered to educate you about.

      Science has been subborned, sir, by political lunatics who CALL THEMSELVES SCIENTISTS.

      Are you ready for GREAT COLD, sir? Because that’s what is in store for you. The cold will seriously reduce the non-equatorial growing season around the world. The great cold will seriously reduce the quantity and variety of available food. While your latest “cargo cult science” warns the world about anthropogenic global warming. Why don’t you learn from Feynman, sir.

  3. This is just a completely fraudulent reference to Feynman. He never said anything about climate science one way or the other.

  4. Richard Feynman said, “Nature cannot be fooled.” The climate doesn’t know that it’s supposed to be one degree Celsius warmer than it actually is. The climate doesn’t pay much attention to what humans want it to do.

    Richard Feynman also said (and here I paraphrase), “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your hypothesis is, if it doesn’t match with observation then it’s wrong.” Global warming theory doesn’t match with observation, so it must be wrong.

    Richard Feynman also said, “You can never be sure if you’re right, but you can be sure if you’re wrong.”

    Only time will tell what increasing CO2 will or will not do to the world. Like the famous three-body problem, climate science is probably too complex to be modeled. Those who insist we take drastic action are perpetrating a gigantic hoax with the whole of humanity the helpless victims.

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