Al Gore Minimum Extending

Month by month, the Al Gore minimum extends its icy grip on the Solar magnetosphere, choking off our protection from high-energy cosmic rays. Sunspots remain quiet, and ominously so.

We could increase energy production, to save lives, in case the Dalton Minimum, or the Maunder Minimum, is about to repeat. (When has history repeated? Climate is the paragon of historic repetition).

Our scientists surely remember the Dalton Minimum. But too many scientists are funded by government, a government which paradoxically has no concern for history, or any science!

True science is subject to falsification, but no matter how cold it gets, the pseudo-science of Al Gore and James Hansen is ordained, by the virtue of government insistence. Falsification is no hazard, for such lucrative pseudo-science. Facts be damned.

Will Alexander:

“The atmospheric greenhouse effect lies at the heart of climate change science. Its very existence is now being challenged. I would have preferred to discuss my views with my professional colleagues in the climatological and environmental sciences. But they will have none of it.

Where does all this nonsense come from? The public believes it because they have faith in scientists. The whole scientist community, by its silence, must bear responsibility for the incredible damage that these unsubstantiated claims will cause to the prosperity of our country.”

Energy production will be increased, but perhaps far too late to save the lives Al Gore has written off. Scientists are quiet, with notable exceptions, as described. Who bears the responsibility?



3 Responses

  1. My 1/2 acre of fingerling potatoes turned off abruptly on 7/25/08,14 days early in Philadelphia Pa. The usual factors didn’t make sense. So I went to NOAA and learned all about the solar cycle and the current extended and deepening solar minima. Now… I think reality is far more interesting that human ideology and paradigm. In addition, I think humility has greater predictive capacity for human survival than grandiose loyalty to a particular doctrine. Nothing is more leveling than famine. So, let’s be good girl and boy scouts and help the farmers thoughtfully consider the contingencies of an extended and deepening solar minimum.

  2. I like that term: “Al Gore Minimum”. I think that dovetails nicely with the “AIT Index” I created, which is currently at -.594 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. […] let us not forget, the sun is in the death-grip of… The Gore Minimum and there are NO SUNSPOTS TO BE […]

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