The Mother of All Anomalies

In Climatology, Meteorology, and even Paleontology today there exists a giant, dominant, hydra-headed anomaly which is also insinuating its way rapidly into Economics and other sciences. Detail-oriented scientists examine anomalies on a routine basis; but the anomalies they examine are subservient and secondary, even a product of the one giant anomaly (Anomaly: Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule) called AGW. Examine how temperature anomalies are identified in Santa Ana, California today:

Photo: Anthony Watts, Watt’s Up?: Urbanization raises the heat in Orange County, CA

How anomalies are made

How anomalies are made

Anomalies are identified on California roofs, or roofs anywhere. They are identified at the output of air conditioner cooling coils (the warm side). They are identified on blacktop and attached to buildings in the Arctic. Such anomalies have a steep negative value to science and humanity. The procedure is dictated by the purveyors of The One Anomaly, AGW.

The true, master anomaly at work has everything to do with economics and nothing to do with climate, is a certitude.

Read much more about the The One Anomaly here: Curious Anomalies in Climate Science


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