Algoreogenic Global Warming

As predicted here, aerosols with magical multiplicative properties, far superior to carbon dioxide, have now been found necessary to save AGW (Algoreogenic Global Warming).

Unfortunately, scientists cannot quite catch on to the complex concept that Earth is now COOLING.

Scientists are also having great difficulty with the link between low cloud formation and solar magnetic activity, since it is founded in stale history. As a result, we get this:

We Shall Have Funding

We Shall Have Funding

Can we blame lowly scientists for worshipping at the (cash, please) alter of Master Rainmaker Al Gore?

Yes; we surely can.

Arizona State: Climate Models Missing “Important” Aerosols (although replete with carbon dioxide).


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  1. “Algoreogenic global warming”. I love it. It fits. First it was the “Al Gore Minimum”, and now this.

    I’ll probably use one or both of those terms on my blog, with an appropriate hat tip, of course.

    Keep up the good work.

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