4 Sources Admit Fastest Temp Change in History – DOWN

Trust me, this is not good news. If global temperatures continue down at the present rate, humans will need vastly more energy and more food – just as central government planners have determined to reduce your energy supply by making energy vastly more expensive.

That’s right. In Senate Bill S. 2191 (See The Lieberman-Warner Cap and Trade Bill: Quick Summary and Analysis) uninformed persons propose to drastically increase the cost of your energy, and even your food; as the Earth cools at the fastest rate ever observed. This is not a good idea right now; but it never was anyway. No data has ever been produced showing that anthropogenic carbon dioxide contributes to global warming. Every computer model based on this fallacious presumption has failed to predict climate or temperature. As carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has gone up, temperature has gone down – at the fastest (up or down) rate ever observed.

Perhaps the most important collective action we can take, for the future of our children and for human inhabitants of Earth, is to STOP profoundly perverse legislative travesties such as S. 2191.

H/T: Moonbattery As Temperatures Cool, Global Warming Hype . . .

Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling by Michael Asher, DailyTech.com

[note, added 8/31/08 at 17:20: the year referred to ended in February, 2008; I wish I had posted this at that time, but I didn’t – better late than never. Admittedly the rate moderated, however the precipitous drop deserves to be recognized for what it is.]

Scientists quoted in a past DailyTech article link the cooling to reduced solar activity which they claim is a much larger driver of climate change than man-made greenhouse gases. The dramatic cooling seen in just 12 months time seems to bear that out. While the data doesn’t itself disprove that carbon dioxide is acting to warm the planet, it does demonstrate clearly that more powerful factors are now cooling it.

Let’s hope those factors stop fast. Cold is more damaging than heat. The mean temperature of the planet is about 54 degrees. Humans — and most of the crops and animals we depend on — prefer a temperature closer to 70.


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