Emergency Sunspot Appears Two Weeks Ago

Actually, 0.5 sunspots, as it were. A scientist in Sicily just remembered he saw it.

Relax, warmests! Absence of sunspots, which items have no role whatever in the Earth’s climate (only cabon emitted by man can do it) has not occurred.

Maybe sunspot numbers should be corrected just like temperature records. Makes perfect sense, no?

Necessity again is the mother of invention.

Story here.


5 Responses

  1. Love the headline. I’ve linked to it myself.

  2. It was not a true sunspot.

    It is called a PORE.

    NOAA still says it is ZERO that day.

  3. […] also saw the absence of sunspot activity (save a minor, disputed flare up which has garnered a half-point), and is something of a capstone to a year that has […]

  4. One thing is certain – back in 1913 no one would have detected the partially formed sunspot, let alone recorded it !.

    In my books August is sunspot free !

    – Just on NASA and their newly revised sunspot cycle 24 prediction numbers (in May). ….
    If NASA use measurements 11 years in advance to predict the next sunspot peak amplitude, then how can they justify lowering the prediction at the 11th hour. To me this indicates an admission that their trusted formula has a big hole in it. Maunder minimum and big chill ? Who knows ?. Certainly not NASA !!!

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