Update To Solaemon’s Spotless Days Page

Sunspots have now been all quiet for 47 days; since 1849, this interval without sunspots is about the 6th largest. The chart has been recently updated as of September 1, however Jan Janssens marks the end of the recent interval as August 20; it is ongoing.

As noted by commenter ThePenguin, in Emergency Sunspot Appears Two Weeks Ago, today’s sunspot-free periods likely are biased short, compared to previous observations, decades ago, by greatly improved tools which detect smaller spots.

See Jan Janssens’ Solaemon’s Spotless Days Page

January 2009

Next update: January 2009

Also blogging: The Unbearable Nakedness of CLIMATE CHANGE: How Is Solar Cycle 24 Doing? (Omniclimate)

Maurizio points out that the interval would be 64 days if the puny spots around July 19 weren’t counted – the third largest interval ever.

Maurizio again: Actually It’s 71 Days Without A Sunspot


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