OPEC Wants to Restrict Oil Production

Those sheiks and princes at OPEC want to restrict oil production, in hopes of keeping the price high.

How economically naive they are.

American economic experts ought to be able to wisen the Arabs up quick.

Throttling oil production CANNOT POSSIBLY affect the price of oil.

Only the evil capitalist corruption, American Big Oil, can affect the price of oil.

Arab oil sheiks and princes, our saviours in comparison, should not expect oil prices to remain high just because they throttle production. Our United States Congress has proven that only “AMERICAN BIG OIL” is the cause of high oil prices; government restrictions on oil production cannot possibly affect oil prices.

You have too much energy, anyway. Have a nice winter.


One Response

  1. That’s a good point, but it’s not just Big Oil affecting the price of gasoline. That’s so 2003. This year it’s “oil speculators” according to Pelosi, et al.

    Stay tuned though, next January the villain will be VP Palin and her evil energy plan that is affecting gasoline prices.

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