Worse Than OPEC

H/T, Hot Air: Video: Dems won’t act even at $10 per gallon

H/T, Doug Ross @ Journal: Gasoline: the real price gougers

Like OPEC, the United States Senate wants oil prices to stay high! Accordingly, supply in the United States will not be increased, even if oil reaches $10 per gallon, per Senator Ken Salazar (D) of Colorado.

That makes the United States Senate worse for Americans than OPEC. OPEC recently increased oil production when the price of oil hit $120 per barrel, corresponding to gasoline prices around $4 per gallon.

We can’t do much to change the composition of OPEC’s governors. But we surely can do something about the United States Senate. We can, and must elect senators and congresspersons who will permit Americans to maintain and increase energy supplies, including oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy.

The present Senate and Congress is far out of touch with America’s needs, and out of touch with climate reality which portends a great risk of much colder weather in the next few years. We can do without air conditioners in many cases during the summer, but we cannot do without heat during the winter.


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