Solar Wind At 50 Year Low – NASA

Due for some Chillin'

Due for some Chillin'

“The Sun’s current state could result in changing conditions in the solar system” (no less).

We should have no surprise whatever if the Sun’s current state has a rather profound effect in the solar system, and more specifically among humans on Earth. The Sun’s state has done so on inumerable occasions; some in history, many more in paleoclimatology.

The total shock, awe, and surprise is that NASA would acknowledge it, at long last.

Maybe science can learn. Al Gore is another matter entirely.

Dalton Minimum Returns has the story NASA worried about a quiet sun.

NASA announcement here.


3 Responses

  1. Does this graphic show that it’s in fact a worthy hypothesis that global warming is not caused by CO2 but by our own Sun ?

    Or what does this tell us?

  2. Thanks for the excellent question, Gehuigert.

    The graph says that the Sun’s current state has in recent history been so intimately linked with Earth’s climate that one would have to be unconscious to deny the relationship.

    The statement “the Sun’s current state could result in changing conditions in the solar system” understates the obvious so dramatically that it conveys a false impression (as desired).

    I am looking forward to much amusement as NASA will struggle to rescue AGW as clumsily as this statement hints.

    The mechanism can scarcely be debated any longer. High energy cosmic rays result in increased low clouds, which raise the albedo of Earth by a few percent, and cool the oceans. The Sun regulates the highest energy cosmic rays through its magnetic “wind.”

    The denial is on the other foot.

  3. Well, as can already be seen on that graph, the solar activity declined since the 60s-70s. Even the most enthusiastic scientists supporting a strong solar influence admit that it cannot explain the increase in temps since the 70s (Scafetta et al, 2006). The problem is that a plateau in the temps could mask the greenhouse effect, which would come back with a revenge in 30 years.

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