NASA: We’re No Climate Experts, But AGW Is REAL

“None of us here are experts on climate” quotes Anthony Watts, from NASA’s press conference on the state of the Sun, today.

In August, a few days ago, NASA’s story was different.

Was the ice age and lack of sunspots a coincidence? Or an insight to a causal relationship between sunspots and solar heating of Earth? Dr. Hathaway does not think there is a significant change in the sun’s energy output when sunspots are low. That percentage, he argues, would have very little impact on our planet today, which is already warming too rapidly from the greenhouse gases blanket that human industry has created over the past century.

David Hathaway, Ph.D., Solar Physics Team Leader,
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama

Quoted here

NASA are experts of convenience, apparently. When it is convenient for NASA to comment on climate, NASA speaks with profound authority and great clarity. Occasionally, it is not convenient.

Enhancement of low cloud formation is now regarded by NASA experts as “speculation,” since they are not experts today, except in the ability to identify speculation expertly.

Maybe tomorrow NASA will be climate experts again. In fact, I am certain of it.


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