Dalton Minimum (at least) LOCKED

Be sure to purchase your carbon credits. They are going to come in handy, or much better. Bid them through the roof. They may save your life.

When Earth is REALLY COLD, you will need carbon credits to purchase energy, since we have added no nuclear sources, due to the abnormal, high intelligence of Barack Obama and colleague greens.

And Earth is going to get REALLY COLD. So cold that growing season will be significantly shortened.

(Have scientists been doing much research on cold weather crops? Maybe more on carbon sequestration, you think? Where is the socialist government money put down?)

How are you going to get heating oil? Cuba and China are slant-drilling everything under Florida. (You know how careful and environmental sensitive those socialist governments are (melamine); spills are far less likely than if greedy capitalists were drilling). How are you going to get power from coal-fired plants that weren’t ever built, due to the horrible threat of global warming (the ultimate, most exquisite irony ever realized in human history).

How are you going to get food? Transportation will be limited, and extremely expensive, for whatever crops can be grown in two weeks to a month shorter summer. Depending on the location (latitude), growing season is a significant consideration.

You have too much food, you have too much energy, anyway. You deserve a good 20 to 50 year cold spell; maybe you will lose some weight. If you are already underweight, good luck. Why are you not donating carbon credits to Africa? China?

I hate to be an alarmist – or should I say I hate to be a historian. (Some alarmists consider history; others do not).

Cycle Not

Cycle Not

Surviving the junk, subprime mortgage debacle designed by American socialists (who forced bankers to write preposterously, ridiculously bad nothing down, no credit check, no income check mortgages under penalty of law and tireless harrassment) may turn out worse than you expected. Your socialist government has now palpably screwed both energy and finance; what can they screw next? Have you been hoping they are screwed out? (hint: no).

The GOOD NEWS: A Maunder Event is not yet assured; but stay tuned. (Check your history).

The REALLY GOOD NEWS: You can do something about it, in the next 18 days.

Here’s the story: Errors in IPCC climate science David Archibald’s elegant illustration of how late and weak solar cycle 24 is proving


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