San Francisco Truth Serum

I started this very humble and dog-eared blog over a year ago because I thought global warming fraud would become the single primary concern in the current election.  It has come to pass.

The issue that requires the end of free-market energy is Anthropogenic Global Warming.  In the radically charged atmosphere of San Francisco, Obama admits his plan is to wholly dismember the energy industry, and to do so, he will make the cost you pay for energy skyrocket.

As Watt’s Up? and a host of other blogs have made evident, there is no AGW, however.  We must ultimately respect historical thermal patterns on Earth, which show every appearance of final solar linkage.  It has always been thus; and carbon dioxide has not changed anything.

For Obama to strangle free enterprise, end greedy capitalism, and spread wealth around so it can no longer function economically, there remains a significant barrier.

That barrier is these blogs, the internet, and free communication.  If Obama is elected, debate of the global warming lie must be squashed.

To end greedy, selfish capitalism justifies this means; and many other means, including energy starvation of Americans by blocking capitalists from providing energy.

Porcupine Rim: Obama To Bankrupt Coal


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