Uncorrected, Empirical Data

In a rare triumph of data over science, the true story of glaciers in Greenland has popped out. The usual culprits would be poo-poohing all over this; but since New York Times thinks another ice age may be coming (just after capitalism destroys the Earth with carbon dioxide induced greenhouse warming) they are occupied elsewhere.

Now, where could New York Times get a clue about an ice age in the future? They didn’t study history at Columbia School of Al Gore Rumors. As far as Journalists know, ice ages are a myth unsupported by Al Gore research. Carl Wunsch suggests that model predictions ought to be tested against observation; what a strange thought. Historical data is easily changed to make any model, including Al Gore’s, look better. And Al Gore’s models need it the most. A most amusing and wonderful bag of contradictions is New York Times.

New York Times story here: More on Whether a Big Chill is Nigh Scroll down for Carl Wunsch sacrilege about testing models. He never brought this idea up when the subject was greenhouse warming from anthropogenic carbon dioxide, however.

Al Gore would have us believe that glaciers are leaping en masse off of Greenland and into the ocean. Here is the real story of ice flow, moulins, et al in Greenland. I maintain it has not yet been tampered with; but experience teaches us that it soon will be. Enjoy the real data while you can.

Slowing Greenland Glacier Slippage

Slowing Greenland Glacier Slippage

Story here: Slowdown in Greenland

H/T: ICECAP Slowdown in Greenland
H/T: The Astute Bloggers (thanks, John Ray) Study finds Greenland Ice Melt ‘Slowed Significantly’


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