Global Warming Never Started

The Earth has gotten much warmer and much colder, but never with a demonstrable connection to anthropogenic carbon dioxide, or any anthropogenic material.

As carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere has increased, temperature has not increased, over many well documented intervals, INCLUDING THE LAST TEN OR MORE YEARS.

Anyone with evidence to the contrary is welcome to present it; but none has been presented.

It is global cooling that should be the concern today.

Article from Greenie Watch Maybe the IPCC will get a clue, finally.


An email from Madhav Khandekar [], an IPCC reviewer:

I fully share the commentaries and views expressed by David Whitehouse & Paul Biggs yesterday. It is now generally accepted by most scientists (except some die-hard AGW adherents) that the earth’s mean temperature has NOT (I repeat NOT) increased in the last few years, OR to be precise, NOT increased since about mid-1998, when the SSTs (Sea Surface temperatures) started to decline. Since then, SSTs have declined steadily over world-oceans and as a result the land area mean temperature has stayed essentially the same over Northern Hemisphere (due to large urban effects which the AGW adherents refuse to accept) while in the Southern Hemisphere the mean temperature has definitely declined, as shown clearly by the satellite data.

Yes, the 1980s and 1990s did see some warming, as commented by David Whitehouse, but the first decade of the 21st century is definitely cooler than the 1990s so far and should remain so over the next three years. This year 2008 will probably come up to about 0.39C above the 1961-1990 mean and that will make 2008 about 9th warmest in the last 15 years. The last year 2007 was seventh warmest, according to the UK Met Office (per Phil Jones), with mean temperature about 0.41C above 1961-90 mean, while 1998 still remains the warmest (hottest!) year in the last 150 years, with mean temperature about 0.52C above 1961-90 mean.

There have been NO major heat waves anywhere since the 2003 summer heat wave in Europe. Over North America 1998 summer was probably the hottest in the last 25 years and since then there have been NO major heat wave episodes. Over the Indian subcontinent, there have been No major pre-monsoon heat wave episodes, since June 1998, when parts of central & northern India experienced record-high temperatures of 47-50C for a couple of weeks.

In the Southern Hemisphere, there were no major heat waves anywhere in the last five years or so. The entire continent of South America was one of the coldest in 2007. The city of Buenos Aires received about 6 cm of snowfall in July 2007, the last time it snowed in the city was in 1918!

I like to ask my favorite question one more time: Where is Global Warmimg? Delegates attending the UNFCCC Meeting in Poland please take note: Global Warming has stopped!


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