Nobel Idiot: El Nino Linked to AGW

The inconvenience is all yours, Al. You should’ve stuck with the truth, however.

“It will take some more years to “Mother Nature” to dismiss some or all of Gore forecasts, but earlier predictions made by him are already proving to be an inconvenient mistake.”

Story: ICECAP Al Gore’s Inconvenient Mistake – Reprised

Dec 31, 2008

Al Gore’s Inconvenient Mistake – Reprised

By Alexandre Aguiar, MetSul Weather Center Communications Director and the Weatherman for Ulbra TV in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Icecap Note: The is a reprise of the story from October 2007 posted by Alexandre during the first year of what has become a three year La Nina. With a La Nina in 2005, and a three year string in 1998/99, 1999/2000 and 2000/01, this makes 7 La Nina years in the last 11 years. It was in 1997 that Al Gore and other scientists at an important summit in California suggested that because of global warming we would be entering a period with frequent perhaps even permanent strong El Ninos (and thus no more La Ninas). Ironically, the UK Met Office is blaming the La Ninas for the failure of their perennial warmest year forecasts and the interruption in global warming. What they do not admit is that the PDO flip to negative means La Ninas and not El Ninos will be more frequent for the next few decades meaning more cool years than warm. And of course there is no mention of the warm PDO from 1977 to 1998 that led to the two decade warming thanks to a predominance of El Ninos.

The guest in the El Nino Community Preparedness Summit in Santa Monica, California, was the Vice President of the United States Al Gore. It was another opportunity to him to propagate the scary vision of a warmed globe. The main point was the super El Nino event of that year. Gore took advantage of the scene to forecast a future without La Nina events. El Nino events, according to him and his fellow scientists, would become permanent. “For those who argue that global warming is already changing the world’s climate, this year’s El Nino weather front is more than enough evidence”, the audience was told by Gore. In the next day, a report by the San Francisco Chronicle said: “Gore links El Nino to Global Warming”. The Vice President stated at the summit that growing frequency of El Nino episodes could be connected to the gradual heating of the atmosphere caused by emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

October 14th 2007. Gore is the most celebrated name worldwide. He got an Oscar, then an Emmy and just two days ago a Nobel Peace Prize. There are no more awards to win. He got all. But there is an inconvenient truth to Mr. Gore exactly ten years after that conference in Santa Monica. An ironic truth. The same Pacific that makes Santa Monica one of the most attractive places in California is answering to the claims it would be permanently warm in a global warming era. Gore’s theory bankrupted exactly ten years after its release. The largest ocean in Earth is much colder than average and global climate starts to feel the impacts of a moderate La Nina event that may reach the strong threshold.

NOAA’s Multivariate ENSO Index for September reached its lowest value for that month of the year since 1988. It was the second largest one-month drop on record for this time of year. The -1.1 value was last seen in late 1999 and early 1989. According to the RSS MSU satellite data, September 2007 was the 7th coldest month among 81 months since January 2001. It has made it to the 9% of the coolest months of the 21st century so far, ICECAP reported. The Southern hemisphere was 0.015 Celsius degrees cooler than the long-term average, fifth coldest month since January 2001. Brazil’s MetSul Weather Center chief-meteorologist says this is clear evidence that Joe D’Aleo and other scientists claim that the higher frequency of El Nino events promoted global warming and not the contrary is correct. “Al Gore declared ten years ago that El Nino episodes were a consequence of global warming while historic data prior and after that claim shows El Nino is in fact a cause of warming since the Great Pacific Shift in the 70’s”, said meteorologist Eugenio Hackbart. MetSul Meteorologia expert also stated there is no coincidence that this La Nina of 2007 is taking place right during the 11-year solar minimum cycle. “Major La Nina events were recorded around the solar minima in the last decades”, said Eugenio Hackbart. It will take some more years to “Mother Nature” to dismiss some or all of Gore forecasts, but earlier predictions made by him are already proving to be an inconvenient mistake. See The story at METSUL here.


3 Responses

  1. The link between the sun and warming and cooling events in the tropics is thoroughly explored at:

  2. You are a bloody fool. Cherry picking your data and promoting obvious misinformation to convince yourself that climate change isn’t real. Are you really that stupid???

    Come up north. Come up to where my parents skated on the harbour in winter….a harbour that hasn’t seen ice since I was young…4 decades ago. Where ice is now virtually non-existent off our coast but full of icebergs calving off of Greenland. Where winter used to last 6 months and now averages TWO MONTHS.

    You can whine all you like. It’s only a matter of time before even idiots like you will be forced to admit that if we don’t reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere then life on Earth is in trouble.

  3. CO2 is our friend and plants are starving for it. Plants thrive at double our current minuscule amount. Plant Killer.

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