Socialist Energy Czar

Update, Jan. 13, 2004: Obama’s Radical Climate Czar Scrubbed From Socialist Websites

Development of energy resources for the United States, and socialism – what do these have in common?

Beginning January 19, they have a great deal in common.

In the august vision of Barack Obama, the best and the brightest Secretary of Energy is socialist Carol M. Browner, Clinton EPA administrator from 1993 to 2001.

From Browner’s Socialist International, of which she is a commissioner:

The idea of Socialism has caught the imagination of people across the world, promoted successful political movements, decisively improved the lives of working men and women, and contributed to shaping the 20th century.

Socialism decisively improved their lives; not hard work, not personal responsibility. Not new technology, not innovation, not human intelligence, not formation of capital, and not even vast improvements in infrastructure – it was the easy fix “socialism.”

That part of the 20th century most influenced by socialism was not even as happy as present day Venezuela, anyway. Maybe socialism in general went better than Cuba? Such a conclusion would require careful study.

The “principles” of Browner’s socialist organization have little to say about energy development, except:

We advocate joint international efforts to replace all environmentally damaging products and processes by alternatives which enhance nature.

which is enough.

The energy development czar of the United States, is the queen of the EPA, and a socialist!

If you need more energy for some reason (say, global warming operates in reverse) over the next 2 to 20 years, your energy czar does not see it your way; nor does your President (elect).

Drill, baby drill? Say, aren’t energy resources part of “infrastructure?” Maybe not the favorite part. Energy will be less expensive in Red China; maybe Obama is right, American business should all go there since Red Chinese ENERGY infrastructure is superior!

Let socialism “decisively improve” the condition of the American worker; as it has done in Detroit. American business, on leave from Obama, will take Obama’s advice, and go to Red China, where there is energy infrastructure – because the socialists there have learned from history and hard experience, and at least they are pragmatic socialists.

H/T: ICECAP NASA’s Hansen to Obama: Use Global Warming to Redistribute Wealth


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  1. Al Gore has really stepped in it this time. He could have spent the rest of his global warming career collecting money by spreading fear over events that were a centure or at least half century in the future. Oh, but that wasn’t good enough for Big Al. He’s now told the biggest global warming whopper of his alarmist career:


    When I heard this I assumed it was a rumor started by skeptics to make Gore look bad. It wasn’t until I viewed the video that I realized what Gore had done. Gore has started a five year credibility countdown timer ticking and it’s up to all of us to make sure that he is held accountable and proven to be a fraud when his dire prediction aimed at drumming up support doesn’t come close to comming true.

    The mainstream media isn’t going to let this video see the light of day because they, unlike Al, understand the precarious position in which he has placed himself.

    It is therefore up to us to spread the word about Big Al’s prediction. He must be exposed for the fearmongering opportunist that he has become.

    To view the video, please visit the following site and click on the picture of Big Al holding up five fingers.

    While visiting this site, you might want to watch a preview of the film “Not Evil, Just wrong” or watch “The Great Global Warming Swindle” which is found in the video section. Happy Viewing!!!

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