Steady Growth, Polar Ice

Steady increase in Antarctic ice extent

Steady increase in Antarctic ice extent

Reported by Steven Goddard Polar Sea Ice Changes are Having a Net Cooling Effect on the Climate at Watts Up With That.

. . . We all have heard many times that summer sea ice minimums have declined in the northern hemisphere over the last 30 years. As mentioned above, this causes more sunlight to reach the dark ocean water, and results in a warming of the water. What is not so widely discussed is that southern hemisphere sea ice has been increasing, causing a net cooling effect. This article explains why the cooling effect of excess Antarctic ice is significantly greater than the warming effect of missing Arctic ice.
Over the last 30 years Antarctic sea ice has been steadily increasing, as shown below (article continues).

I would only amplify strongly that Arctic sea ice has been increasing for the last two years; so heat transfer into the arctic ocean is also decreasing year over year.

Overall albedo of Earth is up by what I consider is a large factor, reported in Earthshine Draft Report – Albedo. It certainly looks like we are in store for continued cooling, particular with the turn-over in the Pacific cited often by J.S. D’Aleo writing at ICECAP (and many other writers).


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