Collectivist Fabrication: AGW

H/T: Gore Lied Dumb and Dumber

In the estimation of Bobby Kennedy, free markets are to be abhored as elements of an economic system. Bobby abhorred free markets before AGW was ever a tingle in Al Gore’s thigh; and so did Al Gore.

There is only one solution to AGW. It is the same old solution. It was the easy solution to every problem before AGW, and it will be the easy solution to every problem when AGW is gone. It is the only solution halfwitted moonbat Bobby knows or will ever know. It is the universal solution for every problem; the wrench that fits all fasteners. Bobby is not familiar with the history of previous efforts to implement his solution; nor does he care to be. Bobby thinks history is not progressive, I would venture. The easy solution is all that matters, whatever, whenever, or why ever the problem. Whatever ills Bobby’s one trick solution has caused humanity over history, including 100s of millions of human deaths, should not distract Bobby from his delusion.

Bobby’s magic solution is central bureaucratic control of not just all energy, as he demonstrates in the video below! It is the central control of all wealth, all “capital,” all chattels, all real property, called generously “collectivism.” Wealth or assets must be controlled by central planners; not capitalists competing in free markets, not citizens, not corporations, not free economies. Only central planners will do. Otherwise Earth will perish in 5-4-3-2-1 years. Humans have no right to control wealth; only the collective does.

We have an emergency, a catastrophe, a cataclysm completely fabricated by failed collectivist fear mongers to leverage finally their backward ideology – which ideology fails disasterously whenever or wherever it it is tried, and fails at a horrific mortal human cost.

AGW was manufactured by collectivists and is propounded today for one overwhelming purpose. AGW is the ultimate wedge “issue” to finally unseat and remove capitalism forever from human economic endeavor. No factual evidence of AGW has ever been presented. No convincing argument against capitalism is offered, either. Data, evidence, facts mean nothing. Collectivism feels good to half-witted moonbats like Bobby Kennedy and Al Gore, no matter how many humans it always starves or destroys. Capitalism and free markets do not feel good to simpletons like Bobby Kennedy.

These fools are actually proud of their delusions and distortions! Village idiots Bobby, James Hansen, and Mike Papantonio, foolishly plot the final abandonment of the greatest, most successful economic system ever devised; under the disingenous guise of fixing the imaginary cataclysm called AGW, a cataclysm fabricated by them.

Capitalism alone resulted in the greatest culture and the greatest society the world has ever seen. AGW is a fabrication and an excuse to replace capitalism with the most devastating failure of a system the world has ever seen; perhaps permanently. Enjoy the video.


6 Responses

  1. I think a consideration of context (in this case, environmentalism) is important in criticizing the philosophy (collectivism).

    Interestingly, I’ve recently entertained two views on Collectivism itself. The first is the criticism, the second is a reprise in light of China’s emergence.

    The two hardly satisfy any debates, but the important lesson for me is to be on guard against naively taking history as a final arbiter on anything, and to remain constantly vigilant and critical of ideas, no matter their merit.

  2. Mark, thanks for the thoughtful comment.

    I would argue that China’s emergence only became possible when the intolerable burden of collectivism on participants in the Chinese “economy” was greatly reduced.

    My own opinion is that any economy that existed in China 25 years ago did not really qualify as an economy.

    Economy requires free markets, capitalism, the rule of law consistent with contracts, and a few other things that don’t exist in Cuba for example.

    My argument to use history as an indication of the future is not based on one example, however. It is based on massive, widespread failure of collectivism which has not sunk in.

    Americans no longer study history. The are amazed to hear about the Maunder minimum, and they are amazed to learn there really was a Medieval warm period. The Columbia School of Marx has made Americans less than what they were; another dividend of the mindless pursuit of collectivism.

  3. ^ I wonder at the persistence of collectivist thought–is it inherent in us? If it is a failure as a political system, what keeps the collectivist ideal from dying a natural death?

    Agree definitely on what you said about ignorance. One reason why I gravitate towards critical thinking, despite the difficulty (and discomfort) of a skeptical stance towards issues is that compared to intellectual laziness (e.g. blind acceptance, reliance on authority/history), I think an active approach is better at revealing truths behind the issues.

    The internet age brings more data at the fingertips of the average user, but there is also a higher tendency to “not critique” the information being fed to you.

  4. Author Ayn Rand was one of Collectivism’s greatest critics. She also wrote a great essay on rational thought which I’d like to share with you to give you an idea of where I’m also coming from.

    About as despicable as the evils of collectivism is the tentativeness of “moral agnosticism”. In the guise of criticism, people withold judgment to a fault, and refuse to take a stand for the sake of political correctness.

  5. Thank you Mark for the links. Collectivism is ignorance.

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