Earth Climate Update – Brrrr!

Speechless in Dubai

Speechless in Dubai

It is understandable that Emirate citizens lack a word for snow. After all, the vast majority of them have never seen it. On Thursday, they saw and touched 4 to 8 inches of it, most for the first time.

Useful information from NOAA and NASA and other no-expense-can-be-spared government science projects, regarding the climate of Earth, is presently not available. To assess Earth’s climate for the forseeable future, anecdotal information only can be trusted. Since the climate of Earth has turned cold, there is no shortage of anecdotal information. Ice Age Now!

On the other hand, we do have some useful scientific data on the Sun’s climate (although solar climate anecdote is scarce). Could the onslaught of Earthly anecdotal information, which comes because people are COLD, be related?

Unusual solar conditions (not anectodal)

Unusual solar conditions (not anectodal)


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